5 amazing outdoor brunches to enjoy in Dubai

Rooftops, terraces, and more Here are the best dining experiences outdoors.

Winter is back and that means that terraces are open again, as well as the brunches are now outside.

Wear your sunnies since you are ready to enjoy getting the sun’s rays onto your face while you sip your favorite drinks and feast on delicious food with your buddies outdoors.

Are you looking to find a spot for a picnic outside? Here are the top outside brunches available in Dubai to explore.

Outdoor brunches are available in Dubai


Time Out Dubai’s top seafood restaurant for 2020. Alici has stunning views of JBR as you dine on an elegant breakfast on the terrace. You can expect sea views and sea food, as the brunch features the crudo bar, shared appetisers, and a variety of tasty food.

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EVA Beach House

Another place that should be part of your list of outdoor brunches in Dubai is the boho-chic beach bar EVA Beach House on Palm West Beach provides relaxed vibes of its Friday afternoon brunch. A great way to kick off your weekend (if you’re able to get off work by the time you need to) It runs from 2pm till 5pm. it offers fresh salads, tasty sushi, and maki prior to dinner and dessert.

Koko Bay

An excellent outdoor brunch spot in Dubai includes Koko Loco Brunch. Koko Loco Brunch at Koko Bay is a great place to enjoy views while sipping a glass of wine and eating. The venue is open every Sunday from 1pm until 5pm for a relaxed brunch that includes free drinks, live music and entertainment. Are you looking to go to the beach afterwards? Access to the private beach is included as well.

Nikki Beach Dubai

Beach brunch in the best way with the perfect view at Nikki Beach Dubai. The brunch ‘Amazing Sundays’ is a must for those who enjoy tasty food. You can enjoy a share-style menu while taking in live entertainment and panoramic view of Downtown Dubai including the Burj Khalifa.

Torno Subito

Chef Massimo Bottura’s beachside brunch on the beach at Torno Subito bring the vistas and the vibes. You can expect a blend of 50s-era retro and contemporary classics, with a dash to the rock and roll. It’s an unforgettable brunch with live music in one of Dubai’s most exciting outside brunches you can find in Dubai.

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