5 Health Benefits from Blended Cooking oils

There has been much discussion about multi-source, blended cooking oils and fats in general recently. As we become more aware of our food and lifestyle, and especially our fat intake, there have been many conversations. Contrary to popular belief, we need to be aware that fat is an essential macronutrient for proper functioning of the body.

Instead of focusing on fat reduction, we should be discussing how to improve the quality of fats in food. A great example is the inclusion of blended oils in your diet.

Blended oil has made a positive impact on my body. I’ve been using it for 5 years. My blood tests have revealed a decrease in inflammation and a better lipid profile. While good fat percentage is a standard one when switching to healthy oils, I also loved the more subtle ones such as better mental health, improved recovery, and better skin- and hair health.

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Before we explain blended oils in detail, it is important to understand that fats serve many functions in the body, including storage of energy and insulation, protection of vital organs, as well as production and regulation hormones. Essential fatty acids also help control cholesterol, blood clotting, inflammation, and joint, tissue, and bloodstream inflammation. Fats are also important for maintaining nerve impulse transmission, memory storage, tissue structure, and other functions. Fats are underrated in general.

While some fat can be found in many foods, it is important to ensure that we have adequate intake of good quality fatty acid to meet our daily recommended intake. Blended edible vegetable oils are a great and convenient way to get these essential fats. Blended oils can simply be described as a mixture of two or more edible vegetable oils, where the percentage by weight of any edible oil is not lower than 20%.

Blended oils basically combine the best of several oils into one oil. They are a good source of fatty acid and have many other benefits that are difficult to get by using only one seed oil.

Healthy Fats to Maintain Heart Health: There have been many studies that identify the type and amount of fat that is associated with heart disease. It is now known that excessive intake of saturated fat can increase bad cholesterol and cause high blood pressure. Trans fats are something we all know about and the harmful effects they have. Blended oils have a higher ratio of monounsaturated and poly fatty acids to improve heart health.

High Smoke Point for Multipurpose Cooking: Indian cuisine requires high temperatures and varying cooking times, depending on the dish. Blended oils have high smoke points which ensure safety and preserve the oil’s nutritional value.

Maintaining healthy cholesterol levels Blended oils help reduce bad cholesterol (LDL), and increase good cholesterol (HDL). This helps keep your heart and body healthy.

Increased anti-inflammatory properties: Blended oils can improve the anti-inflammatory properties by increasing the overall potency. Studies have shown that blends such as rice bran oil or safflower oils can be very effective in increasing the product’s anti-inflammatory properties.

Improved Nutrition In addition to the balanced ratios between fatty and vegetable oils, mixing two or more oils can provide multiple health-promoting phytonutrients within one oil. Tocopherol and Oryzanol are just a few of the health benefits provided by these oils. They prevent chronic diseases such as cardiovascular impairments and metabolic disorders like dyslipidemia and insulin resistance.

We need to select an oil that is best for our health and tastes. Thankfully, there are more options available. Everyone can choose the oil that suits their needs.

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