8 Mistakes Bloggers Make That You Should Avoid

An experienced writer is one who never quits”said Richard Bach and we cannot disagree more. Building blogs isn’t any different. It’s creatively rewarding and rewarding. The idea of presenting your work to an audience with diverse backgrounds and locations sounds exciting. Thanks to the advancement of technology and content marketing, each business is investing time and resources into creating and promoting blogs. But bloggers who are only beginning their journey are at risk of making mistakes that could undermine their standing with readers.

Being blogging for over 10 years now, Richa Singh, CEO and Founder of Blogchatter, Blogchatter provides speed dials for mistakes to avoid, as well as strategies you can learn from.

Prioritize strategy over the quantity. Enjoy the process of writing. Promote it on various platforms. Examine how the content is doing. Note down your observations so that you’re able to keep the lessons in mind as you write more content.

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Always make time to study new techniques that pop up in the field such as how to utilize social media to become more effective as a blogger.

You can’t grow in blogging without a community of people – bloggers and readers sharing your goals and acting as the patrons of the content that you write. There’s nothing more lonely then being an author who doesn’t have an audience to help you. Find the right communities to join and be part of them. Love to receive love Don’t be self-centered when following other bloggers. They will reciprocate with fashion.

  • The purchase of all online courses available on the blog
  • One of the biggest errors new bloggers make is to purchase every online course you find. It’s not essential to purchase them as most of them are offered as free courses on various platforms for video. You could certainly purchase their services later on if you think they are beneficial for your website. You can also learn through doing. Learn as you go and don’t believe that everything will be explained formal guidelines.
    • Staying away off social mediaIf you don’t speak about what you’re doing, nobody will discuss it. There’s plenty of information available, and if you don’t advertise your content properly, the chances of people coming across your blog are slim. Since social media connects two people from all over the world It does the same with blogs and its readers too. Get noticed by expressing your opinion about your work.
    • Making the mistake of assuming that blogging is InstagrammingI’ve been vocal about my thoughts for quite some time that Instagram could help promote the blog but it won’t help promote your content. Be aware that when you search for on a specific topic the result will be the blog’s post, is not your Instagram feed. The blog you have created is the primary address.
    • Away from the technical aspects of blogging
      After you’ve begun blogging, you’ve got an obsession with writing. You’d like to expand your business or your name to appear on an upcoming book. However, you can’t get there without focusing on things such as SEO pages, page views and bounce rate as well as reading. There is plenty of information readily available if you spend 30 minutes every week to concentrate on the technical aspects and more.
    • To select a niche or notI’ve always been against bloggers choosing a specific niche and sticking to it. Since you are a blogger, in that niche you are free to write whatever you’d like to write. However, I would like to suggest that if you already have 10 sections on your site, ensure that you give each one the space and time they deserve. It is also important to show some understanding and appreciation for this particular category. For example, if aren’t an expert, avoid giving nutrition or other health-related advice.

In the simplest terms, blogging is a lot like life. Do not jump into it with a frenzied vigor but instead take slow actions and techniques. Find your own way to develop a distinct identity online that is distinctive.

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