Abortion rights loom larger in investment decisions

Following the US Supreme Court decision in June to invalidate the constitutional right to have an abortion Individual investors began to pay attention to reproductive health issues.

Since the past few years, fund focusing on investments with an impact on society have emerged to invest in companies that advance reproductive health and the development of new technologies. Following an important Supreme Court decision in June to defy the constitutional right to abortion and individual investors focused their attention on reproductive health issues.

In the days following the decision of the court, Alinea, an investing app designed for young adults, witnessed an increase in investment interest in companies that promote reproductive health, according to the Alinea’s founders Eve Halimi and Anam Lakhani. “When the news came out, one of the community members created a pro-abortion-rights playlist” which is, in essence the form of a stock basket -that is “with companies that were supporting the cause,” Halimi explained. “We saw a rush of activity.”

The first, spontaneously-created playlist featured companies standing up for abortion access, but not the ones that were linked to women’s health. This was in line with the popular demand that businesses participate in the debate.

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In the following days, users demanded modifications to the current version and the creators embraced the same model. It now has around 50 companies which include Levi’s, Apple, Pfizer and Tesla among the others — which have stood up against the reversal of Roe v. Wade, or those which help to employees pay for access to abortions, or both.

The platform’s data shows that reproductive rights are a major factor in the investment decisions.

However, location and gender are crucial. Within a month of the decision, Alinea had about 10,000 female users. Of them:

  • A little more than 11% reside located in Texas which is where access to abortion was threatened. Just more than half of them are placing their money into companies who promote abortion access.
  • Around 25% of them reside located in New York City, where the rights to reproductive health are still strong however, only around 40% invest in companies that advocate for abortion access.
  • Over 30% of the new app users now mention the changing of reproductive rights as the main motive for their desire to as well as financial independence.
  • There are no male users who have been involved in playlists composed of companies who support the right to abortion.
  • Corporate reproductive rights represent the latest frontiers for the social, environmental and governance investment framework According to Confluence Philanthropy which is a group of shareholder activists, investment managers and others who held an open discussion on the issue in June.¬†Expect a flood of proxy applications as activists seek to get more involved in the corporate world.¬†Previous efforts have not worked however ESG experts are definitely encouraging companies to begin preparing.

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