AWE Funds Creates INR 350 Cr Funding Pool to Fund 15 women-focused Indian Startups

It will fund the range of INR 3.5 Cr to INR 20 Cr in more than 15 women-focused companies

As of now, the Fund has been able to receive commitments in the amount of INR 130 crore in commitments from large-scale Indian Limited Partners from around the world as well as high net individuals (HNIs)

Some of the HNIs who have supported the AWE Funds comprise Zia Mody from AZB & Partners, Soumya Rajan from Waterfield Advisors Padma Chandrasekaran, Divya Sampath, to name a few.

American-based VC firm Achieving Women Equity (AWE) Funds has created an INR 350 million focused fund in India to support companies in India.

This fund is expected to invest anywhere in between INR 3.5 Cr to INR 20 crore in 15 female-focused startups involved in the healthcare, climate and sustainability as well as food and agriculture financial technology, and education over the coming five years.

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So so far this fund has secured commitments in the amount of INR 130 crore from the marquee Indian and foreign limited partners as well as high-net individuals such as Zia Mody of AZB and Partners, Soumya Rajan of Waterfield Advisors, Padma Chandrasekaran and Divya Sampathamong others.

We have invested using a gender-based lens that has a positive impact on sustainable economic development as well as commercial returns. Our experienced and knowledgeable team in India will assist us in our efforts to create a gender-inclusive system, said Seema Chaturvedi AWE Funds’ founder and partner. AWE Funds.

AWE Funds is a venture equity platform that basically invests in businesses or startups which promote gender equity and sustainability. It supports growth and early stage startups that operate in a variety of industries.

The requirement for women to participate in the main economic value creation has taken on a new urgency. The gender equity movement creates a powerful multiplier flywheel effect, allowing the scarce resources to maximize output. It is our belief the AWE Funds can play a extremely positive role in driving this crucial change at the time that is the most effective by a well-planned capital allocation, Chaturvedi said.

AWE Funds aims to empower 30 million women by putting money into women-led businesses. In the past, it has supported four companies namely Agritech company Freshokartz Agri, fintech startup Agam International, and healthtech startups and Blackburn Technologies.

AWE Funds’ team holds many years of experience in India as well as the US. The group has collectively invested that have reached INR 2800 crore as of now in the words of The VC firm.

In the last several months, an variety of venture capital-backed funds have been established to help early-stage and growth stage Indian startups. In July LetsVenture’s co-founder Shanti Mohan launched an micro VC fund dubbed Propell, which will support 30 startups with tech enabled early in their stage.

The month of June was when the advisor of KKR Sanjay Nayar announced an venture capital fund to invest in early-stage Indian startups. In the same period, Fundamental VC set an $130 million sector-neutral VC investment fund that will invest into Indian startups.

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