Bhagyashree shows exercises that help to burn off belly fat

The new mothers are concerned that their belly may become fragile and flabby following the birth actress and nutritionist Bhagyashree posted on Instagram in a post that shared some exercises to strengthen the core.

Many new mothers are concerned that their bellies will turn “loose and flabby after delivery”. Although a slow and gradual recovery with eating habits or nutrition suggested certain core exercises can also help in burning belly fat, particularly around the stomach area.

In this regard, actress as well as nutritionist Bhagyashree Dassani has taken to Instagram to discuss some of the most effective exercises that are beneficial when done on a regular routine. “New mothers worry that their belly may become unbalanced and flabby following the birth. However, core strength is crucial for the majority of our daily tasks, too.” she wrote in her caption.

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How can we cut abdominal fat?

Based on the information provided by the actress weight loss is achieved through eating well and ensuring that your gut functions efficiently. A combination of exercise and diet could aid in reaching their goals.

She also demonstrated some simple exercises to increase the core strength and focus on fat burning in the abdomen area.

“Mountain climbers”

*Stay in the plank position with the weight evenly distributed between your hands as well as your toes.
Make sure you are in good posture. Your hands should be approximately shoulder width apart, with your back flat, abs engaged and your head aligned.
• Pull your left knee towards your chest. Switch legs by pulling one knee away and then pulling the other knee back in.
Keep your hips straight and then run your knees up and out as fast as you are able.

Bosu ball knee Tucks

*Press your feet to the stabilization ball.
Utilize the abs muscles to support your position while you bend knees, then to tuck them .

*Leng extensions or lifts to bosu balls

Make sure to press your feet against the bosu or stability ball.
Use your arms to hold while you lift each leg from the bosu ball. You can also do this in reverse.

Do you know how many times?

For beginners, it is possible to complete three sets of twenty repetitions of mountain climbers, progressing to knee tucks onto bosuballs, then to leg extensions on bosuball before moving on to extension of the legs (lifts).

Why are they there?

“These exercises will help to regain and consolidate core strength,” she said.

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