Birla Brainiacs is the pioneer of homeschooling that is hybrid, is gearing up to expand globally

The COVID-19 pandemic completely changed the way in which students were taught and also changed methods of education through the use of technological advancements. At one time, a practice that was comparatively rare the practice of homeschooling increased in popularity during the pandemic , and following that. Studies have revealed factors such as frustration with local schools as well as concerns about the school’s surroundings and the attraction of personalising education, attracting students to schooling at home. In addition, technology has also helped bridge a crucial gap by making quality education accessible to everyone and blurred the boundaries between nations and regions that are remote.

Homeschooling is a well-established market in Europe as well as the US and is on its way to reaching other markets rapidly. According to the most recent statistics the number of students who are homeschooled has increased by 63 percent over the year 2020-21.

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The Mumbai-based edtech company Birla Brainiacs has seen this shift very closely. The impressive rise from their inception recently saw them raise pre-series A financing at a pre-money price in the range of 9 million. The round was directed by Sunit Gajbhiye and Rohit Gajbhiye who are the founders of Financepeer who are an active investor in angels.

Learning fun and enjoyable

In 2019, Birla Brainiacs was founded in 2019 by Nirvaan Birla and backed by a group made up of IIT as well as IIM alumni, Birla Brainiacs is a hybrid homeschooling platform that caters to children from the age of Nursery through 12th grade. It is designed to encourage and empower students to acquire modern capabilities and skills through a stimulating and engaging manner. The platform allows students to optimize their time to complete the school curriculum and make time for their interests.

With over 150 hybrid centres pan-India and across the globe, the goal of the platform isn’t only limited to the curriculum for schools; it also offers classes on the use of coding, communication financial literacy, vlogging and much more. In actual fact, Birla Brainiacs isn’t adhere to the traditional schooling system and is aiming to provide high-quality education to students all over the nation, even in remote areas , with the help of technology. Their curriculum develops reasoning, critical thinking and memory with training exercises, instructional videos and a customized learning dashboard that allows students to learn at their own speed in and out in the school.

It has been observed that homeschoolers perform exceptionally well when it comes to competing for seats at the top universities around the globe. This is due to the fact that children who are homeschooled are taught the notion of creativity and curiosity rather than a rigid boring exam system that is a reflection of the demands of higher education all over the globe.

Growth and expansion plans.

This investment Birla Brainiacs is looking to jumpstart its next stage of growth and expand its operations across India, Middle East, Europe and America as well as improve its offerings that focus on UI as well as AI. Their technology has enabled students to be reached in the most remote parts within the United States, the company is hoping to expand their reach further by making this investment.

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“Our goal is to bring about democratisation of the quality of education for all students. We have received a overwhelmingly positive reception from both our pupils as well as parents looking for the best of both worlds, learn real-world skills, and find a career that is based on their passions. BB teaching methods have been recognized globally and is gaining traction across Asia, Middle East, and Europe. The latest fund will allow Brainiacs to expand to a pan-India scale as well as expand to new regions in the next three to four years. The company will have more than 1 lakh students,” explained Nirvaan Birla the founder and CEO of Birla Brainiacs.

Sunit said, “We are excited to join their success story and share their goal of providing a the most stress-free learning environment, combining the development of life skills in the very beginning. Brainiac’s business model is seen as unique in that it gives a hybrid approach – the best of both worlds – offline and online.”

As Birla Brainiacs grows from increasing in size It will be fascinating to observe how they continue to make a difference in lives, increase educational quality and help students optimize their time to complete schoolwork and give them time to pursue their passions.



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