Culinary trick by Chef Vikas Khanna to extend shelf life of fresh herbs

They can be used to garnish your chickpea salad, or to add crispy mint leaves to your mojito mix. It can be difficult for many people to keep fresh herbs. If you leave the leaves out in the open they will dry out. However, storing them in the fridge is not a good idea. Vikas Khanna, a chef, has shared some helpful advice about how to preserve herbs in the fridge for as long as 8-10 days. He shared a video on his Instagram account in which he shows you how to extend the shelf life of herbs.

Vikas Khanna suggests submerging the stem of the coriander plant in a glass water. He also suggested that the leaves be properly wrapped in plastic bags before being stored in the fridge.

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He captioned the video with, “These 27 second might save you flavours, freshness, and a little.” This is the best way to keep herbs fresh for 8-10 days in the fridge. He also suggested that you change the water every 48 hours to maintain freshness. The chef said, “Thank you later.” He wrote “Culinary trick” for the hashtag.

Users flooded the comments section to thank Vikas for sharing the hack. One user asked Vikas if he would recommend it for daily use. Another replied, “Nice hack.” Coriander/mint is kept in a glass or pyrex container with gasket… keeps fresh for two weeks… worth a look.” Chef Oindrila Bala stated, “This is how I store my herbs.”

This is a great way to preserve herbs for days.

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