Delhi has extended the ban of sales and use of fire crackers until 1 January next year in order to limit pollution

Delhi Environmental Minister Gopal Rai said an action plan to implement the policy would be implemented after consultation with various agencies.

New Delhi: The Delhi government on Wednesday banned the manufacturing and sale, storage as well as the use of fireworks up to 1 January 2023 to reduce the horrendous pollution levels that the Capital is prone to each year around Diwali.

Delhi The Delhi Environment Minister Gopal Rai tweeted that the ban is being enforced in order to “save people from the danger of pollution in Delhi… to save people’s lives”. The ban will also be placed on selling crackers on the internet as well, Rai said.

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The tweet also stated his followers that an action strategy will be formulated to ensure its strict implementation in collaboration in conjunction with Delhi Police, Delhi Pollution Control Committee (DPCC) and the Revenue Department.

The state government took similar moves earlier this year, and the previous year, to monitor the levels of pollution in the celebration.

In July of last year in July, the DPCC had also changed its rules to penalize individuals up to Rs. 1 lakh for causing noise pollution.

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