Digital India Act Will Monitor Social Media, Metaverse, OTT Platforms

The Digital India Act will cover social media, OTT platforms as well as online apps and web3 apps like blockchain and the metaverse

In the past, it was stated that the Digital India Act will oversee laws that deal with cybercrime and the e-commerce industry.

Ministry of Electronics and IT (MeitY) is in the process of replacing the IT Act 2000 by the Winter session of the Parliament.

Criminal acts that are likely to occur in social media networks like Twitter and Facebook and in the Metaverse will be governed by the Digital India Act (DIA) India’s digital legal framework.

Additionally, any guidelines for content violation by OTT platforms like Netflix as well as Amazon Prime including spreading misinformation or inciting violence, will be a subject of the DIA’s oversight.

It was previously said that the Digital India Act will regulate laws pertaining to cybercrime and e-commerce. Recent reports indicate that government officials have widened the area for the DIA.

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In an ET report according to an ET report, according to an ET report, the Ministry of Electronics and IT (MeitY) is seeking to replace the current IT Act 2000 by the winter session of Parliament. The report also stated that MeitY is “rushing” to complete the legislation on time, and will contain specific guidelines for children and women’s security online.

The Digital India Act will cover all things digital, including websites for social media, OTT platforms and online apps, in addition to web3 applications , including the blockchain and metaverse.

The regulators are studying similar regulations for the internet all over the world including the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the regulations from Singapore and Australia to create an act called the Digital India Act. The government also has formed an extra committee to examine the regulations from both a legal and technology point of perspective.

It is important to note that today’s IT Act is around 22 years old. In the time since its inception the world of the Internet has seen a dramatic change.

In the days before first the IT Act was first written into law, the tech giants like Meta and Twitter were not in existence and Google being only a minor search engine. There was no notion of digital financial crimes and other crimes committed through digital technology which is why the process of taking measures to combat digital criminals of the present is now a challenge.

In addition More importantly, The Digital India act will place protections for women and children’s security, as well as regulations to stop propagating false information.

The Digital India Act will also examine the content available on OTT platforms like Netflix or Amazon Prime to control the propagation of false information. In this regard the government will also provide specific guidelines on content for OTT platforms, too.

The DIA will also be the top authority for these kinds of content as well as the government being in a position to demand OTT platforms to delete content that does not conform to the guidelines.

The Digital India Act will also attempt to provide basic guidelines to technology like blockchain and metaverse, because there is a widespread opinion that the existing IT Act is inadequate to control the crimes that occur within these ecosystems.

In particular, the majority of criminal acts involving cryptos are regulated as per the IT Act and other aspects of the Indian Penal Code that address financial criminals. This has resulted in multiple cryptocurrency scams that have led to enormous loss for Indians.

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