Does eating tamarind cause damage your teeth?

Do you remember eating the delicious Khata-Meetha Illi (Tamarind) along with a pinch of desi spice, which was the finest desi treat that delivered a quick burst of flavor. For many desi kids eating the tangy tamarind paired with the addition of the black sea salt, and then a pinch of pepper was the most cherished sweets of childhood. However, you’ll be surprised to discover that these childhood habits could be the reason behind your poor dental health! Experts say the consumption of sour tamarind may harm you dental health. This article will explain how tamarind affects your overall health and your dental health.

Since ancient times, Tamarind has been an essential part of Indian food culture. From adding a unique flavor to the chutneys and adding a slight hint of acidity to desserts and curries, every Indian cuisine offers a delicious method of adding the ingredient into their dishes. But the zingy, tangy and slightly sweet aftertaste of this fruit could be harmful to health when consumed in high amounts.

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Tamarind is a treasure trove of benefits from Vitamin B1 (Thiamine), Vitamin B3 (Niacin), Potassium Magnesium, Phosphorus and Iron, to mention some. The antioxidants present in tamarind assist in improving the health of your brain as well as immunity. They also help to help to reduce the damage caused due the presence that are free radicals. However, the excessive consumption of this fruit could cause harm to the digestive system because of its acidic nature . It can trigger acid reflux. Additionally eating too much the tamarind could trigger allergic reactions. In rare cases, it can cause vasoconstriction that can reduce blood flow or completely block blood vessels.

Consuming large amounts of tamarind may also harm your dental health , as it can erode the enamel because of the acidity of the fruit. What exactly is enamel? It is essentially the outer layer, and also the most hard tissue that shields teeth. According to experts in dentistry enamel is the layer that protects the crown of teeth, making the layer evident.

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