Donald Trump demands FBI-seized materials get independent vetting

In the court filing that he’d been targeted because of political reasons, Trump demanded that a “special master” be named to examine all the over two dozen cases that were seized in the shocking August 8 raid

Washington, United States: Former US president Donald Trump filed a lawsuit Monday, requesting a judge to appoint an independent entity to review the files that the FBI took from his Florida residence for documents which are protected under personal privilege.

In the court filing that he’d been targeted because of political motives, Trump demanded that a “special master” be named to examine nearly two dozen containers that were seized in the unprecedented raid on August 8.

The special master who did not follow the instructions of the Justice Department, which ordered the raid — would examine the documents and decide the ones Trump might want to keep in the form of “privileged,” or protected from being used in any investigation.

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“The Mar-a-Lago break-in, search and seizure was illegal and unconstitutional, and we are taking all actions necessary to get the documents back,” Trump stated in an announcement. 

The FBI warrant revealed that Trump was accused of stealing classified papers and documents of his administration at his White House that he did not have the legal right to have and refused to return them.

Apart from the potential for violating laws regarding sensitive records The department also stated that they were also relevant in ongoing federal investigations that are not specific.

Investigative investigations that could include the former president are the investigation of the

Jan 6, 2021 attack at Congress from Trump supporters as well as an overlapping investigation into the efforts of Trump’s supporters to influence his 2020 Presidential election.

The designation of a special master could hinder investigators’ access into the records, particularly in the event that the person is willing to accept Trump’s claim that the majority of them were privileged.

It could also affect the investigation in the event that it is determined that the Justice Department is considering charging Trump with obstruction of their investigation by refusing to turn over the documents.

The suit did not get filed at the Federal Court of Fort Lauderdale, Florida where the warrant originally had been issued. It was filed rather in further away Fort Pierce, where the sole judge is an appointee of President Trump appointee.

In the lawsuit, Trump claimed that the FBI raid was motivated by politics.

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