Every foodie should try the street foods of Karnataka

Each state is famous for its uniqueness and culinary variety. All states share a common trait: the popularity of street food. Street stalls are a great way to get a lot of income and offer unique flavours. We will be sharing some of the best dishes in Karnataka. The list includes everything a foodie could want, from dal obbattu to filter coffee. Scroll down for more information about these dishes.

It’s also known as Puran Poli (Marathi) and is a bread recipe that uses toor dal and jaggery. It’s usually served during Diwali or Ugadi.

Bhajia is a must-have on any Karnataka visit. This snack is made with onion and gram flour. It’s best enjoyed with tea or coffee. There are also aloo, mirchi, and raw banana varieties of bhajia in Karnataka.

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Although you can find this drink almost everywhere, it is much more fun to enjoy it on the streets. According to studies, filter coffee was introduced in Karnataka around the 17th century. Filtered coffee is very consistent and has a different flavour than other places.

This snack is a Maharashtra-based invention. It is also very popular in Karnataka.

This street snack is the most loved in Karnataka. It’s best eaten with sambar or chutney. This crispy, thin dish is served with ghee and podi masala.

Uttapam is another popular street food from Karnataka. This pancake is made with onion, tomato, and rice flour. It’s served with coconut chutney, tomato garlic chutney, and coconut chutney.

The Udupi region’s regional dish is sweet and tender, made with bananas. These puris can be enjoyed with coconut chutney or sambar.

This is a crunchy and tangy snack made from gobhi (cauliflower), which has been coated in flour and deep fried before being tossed in soy sauce.

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