Five key issues in the field of medical devices

Making medical devices is an extremely demanding task. Even though there is an enormous demand for these devices and a bright future ahead however, there are obstacles to be overcome. With regard to public health and the concern, manufacturers need to understand the challenges they face and overcome these challenges.

Inconsistent rules

The complex regulatory landscape faced by the industry is among the most frequently asked questions. Manufacturers are often faced with inconsistency regulations that employ different wordings and specifications. It’s not always evident whether something is required to adhere to a particular set of standards or not.

It’s generally advised to strive for the highest standards whenever there are any regulatory inconsistencies to ensure that you satisfy as many of the requirements as you are able to. In the event of establishing a regulatory compliance committee made up of experts who are knowledgeable about relevant laws is a good idea. They must be consulted prior to making any decision that is to be implemented.

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Union Budget 2022

Unfortunately, the The Union Budget 2022 does not contain specific plans to boost the health sector or local manufacturing, as opposed to the Budget of 2021. The expectation was that government will carry out the promised reforms and supporting policies to increase manufacturing of medical devices made in India. The government does not have any policies to encourage the development in this Indian medical device industry , other the repeating its pledge of the year before to eliminate custom exemptions for products that are produced in India.

Indian government’s initiatives

The government relied heavily on local producers in the midst of the increased demand for vital items for the country during the COVID-19 crisis which led to that the Indian sector of medicine to grow self-sufficient.

Four major park for medical devices were put under review in the Indian government in the last year. Each park was planned to receive a budget of around 100 million. There is no budget item in this fiscal period 2022-2023 which indicates that the government would like to establish an indigenous manufacturing industry for medical devices despite the fact that these devices were intended to be made by local businesses operating in these parks to support the goal of self-sufficiency as well as manufacturing within India.

Medical industry policies

The need for supportive policies is in order to ensure it is possible that Indian healthcare device sector is able to offer quality medical care that is inexpensive and available to the public at large We must strive to place India as one of the top five medical device manufacturing centers worldwide, and aid in ending our dependence on imports, and an increasing import bill that is more than the amount of Rs 46,000 crore.

India is set to become a global manufacturing hub, a reliable source of top-quality products in the supply chain of global trade as well as a major hub for the supply of skilled labor to other countries that have the right regulatory environment and assistance.

R&D struggles

In addition to other industries, the production of medical devices is dependent on thorough studies and developments. It could take some time and will cost a lot to conduct the necessary clinical tests. This can slow down the process of launching and will reduce the profitability. Utilizing the cloud and robot-based process automation is an effective solution to this.

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Cloud-based tools allow for the integration of disjointed systems in clinical research and combine data from various sources to produce more comprehensive outcomes. Cloud computing also permits real-time updates of data from all of these sources, which speeds up the research and development process. Through these advancements clinical studies are less time-consuming as well as more accurate, which will result in lower expenses and faster return on investment.



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