Helping people connect to the Internet by offering the Emergency Broadband Benefit Program

The Federal government’s xfinity broadband benefit is a wonderful move to offer assistance directly to those in need for them to have access to internet. Internet allows you to work from home, do your homework online, stay informed or entertained and much more. We commend Congress and the FCC for their efforts to create the program, and recommend their continued collaboration together with Internet providers.

Comcast is a participant in the program and is making the benefits available to existing as well as newly signed-up Internet clients who satisfy the criteria for all our service levels which include Internet Essentials, when the program is launched. Customers who are either new or current and wish to join can get up to $50 a month credit on their Internet bill through Comcast (up of 75 credit within regions that are part of the Tribal regions) Go to the website to find out what options are available to customers, figure out if they’re eligible to take part and join the program.

Find out how you can apply for the Benefit

Comcast has been a long-time partner to enable people to connect and stay connected through internet. Internet as well as this program from the federal government is an important move towards achieving that goal. In the month of April, we kicked off our 10-year anniversary celebration by offering families with lower incomes access to internet in their homes through Internet Essentials. Since it was first introduced in 2011, the program has helped more than 10 million users who are able to access internet access Internet within their homes and a large majority of them initially. The program has maintained its low $9.95 price throughout the decade. This program has also been allocated $1 billion over the coming 10 years to decrease the digital divide and provide grants and education in digital-related skills. The FCC specifically made mention of Internet Essentials as an example of a program with low income that could be a great option for the Emergency Broadband Benefit would be the best fit for.


In the past year, we’ve increased our efforts. In the wake of the disease spread across the United States, we moved fast to ensure that those in our service area at the highest risk of becoming disconnected had several methods to connect to the internet:

  • We’ve rolled out over 1.5 million open Xfinity WiFi hotspots. This is the largest network like this in the United States and accessible to all free of charge even those who aren’t Xfinity customers.
  • We partnered together with local groups of the community to create many WiFi linked Lift Zones across all of the United States With the aim of 1,000 before the end of the year in 2021.
  • We designed the Internet Essentials Partnership Program to provide schools as well as other institutions the chance to offer Internet Essentials service for large student groups.
  • We provided our first Internet Essentials customers free service for 60 days.
  • We designed the Xfinity Assistance Program, which kept customers in contact as well as reducing late fees and also created payment plans along with prior payment forgiveness.

Accessibility to Internet

The programs which have been in operation for decades are still in operation to the current. The accessibility of Internet is always more important.

At Comcast we’re committed to the highest quality of connectivity. We encourage Federal, State, and local governments to continue working with other partners from the private sector to come up with initiatives like the Emergency Broadband Benefit program to overcome barriers to broadband access so that more people to connect. We look to working with public, private and non-profit partners in order in order to achieve our goals for digital equality.

The following requirements must be met: an annual income that isn’t more than 200 percent above. The poverty line, which is $26,500 in a household of four. and participation in anti-poverty efforts such as Food Stamps. Medicaid as well as housing assistance and programs for women infants , and children. Women, Infants and children nutrition program; get breakfasts at no cost or at a discounted cost or lunches. You can also receive the federal Pell Grant; or qualify for existing low-income programs.


The FCC’s Affordable Connectivity Program ensures that users can. Access the internet they need to attend school, work as well as for health and wellness.

The program provides discounts as high as thirty dollars for a month. Internet access for households with low incomes and as much as $75 per month for those who live on the tribal land. Families also enjoy an immediate discounted rate of upto $100 on laptops, desktops and computers. A tablet from participating sellers is available if they contribute more than $10 but less than $50 to the cost of purchasing.

The Affordable Connectivity Program is limited to a single discount per month and one discount per device for each household.

What kind of houses are in compliance with the criterion?

A family is one with enriched with members who fulfill at least certain requirements:

  • The amount you earn is less than 200% of the Federal guidelines for poverty.
  • Participate in aid programs that are specific to you Participate in specific aid programs, such as SNAP, Medicaid, Federal Public Housing Assistance, SSI, WIC, or Lifeline.
  • Participate in tribal activities that are specifically tailored to your tribe, for instance. The programs are provided through the Office of General Assistance for Indian Affairs. Tribal TANF and The Food Distribution Program on Indian Reservations.
  • You’ve been deemed to be qualified for benefits from the school’s complimentary or reduced price lunch or breakfast program. In addition, you can be eligible by utilizing the USDA Community Eligibility Provisions for 2020-2021, 2019-202020, or 2021-2022 years of school.
  • Received the Federal Pell Grant during the current year of the award.
  • You may be eligible to participate in the low-income programs currently in place.
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