How Manoshi Roychowdhury can help Techno India Group democratise education

Women entrepreneurs are among the most balanced individuals around the globe. They are able to manage their both their personal and professional lives well…they are able but they must be confident their own abilities, says Manoshi Roychowdhury Co-Chairperson of Techno India Group.

The Kolkata-based Techno India Group was established in the year 1985 by Manoshi’s husband Goutam Roychowdhury. The company was established to provide courses in upskilling and management of studies. Today, the business has grown to include options in media, health publishing, entertainment and other areas and is still focusing on education.

Across verticals-universities, colleges, and schools-the Techno India Group is associated with 5,000 teachers, offering 60 different courses to about 60,000 students.

Manoshi is the leader of Manoshi is the leader of the Techno India Group of Schools who are responsible for the creation and administration of 20 schools in West Bengal and Madhya Pradesh. She is also in charge of the hospital with 200 beds Techno India DAMA Hospital, an all-specialty surgical hospital located in Kolkata.

Manoshi is the recipient of her 2021 Women of Excellence Award for her outstanding professional achievements and contribution to Nation Building, the Atmanirbhar Bharat, Women Achievers Award, The Mother Teresa International Award for Education as well as the Entrepreneurship Development Shepreneur Award by the Eastern Chamber of Commerce in the year 2018.

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Manoshi’s journey

Manoshi was a student at the time of her graduation in Zoology at Burdwan. Being married at the age of just 22 did not deter her from following her dreams. When she was pregnant with the first of her children, Manoshi appeared for her Zoology Master’s test from Bilaspur. Then, she relocated to Kolkata.

My father-in-law had asked me what I would like to do in the future. My ambition was to complete the Master’s of Mass Communication, and so I did, Manoshi tells Business Headers . After she completed her Master’s degree from Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, Manoshi started helping her husband in 72 computer centers across Bengal.

Roadblocks can be overcome

The idea was born in 1985, as a computer centre that was set in a garage eventually led to the creation of West Bengal’s first privately owned engineering school, Netaji Subhash Engineering College located in Garia, Kolkata, in 1998. It is part of Techno India Group, where Manoshi is the co-chairperson.

Being a student at the College of Zoology as well as Mass Communication, I got lots of criticism because of my involvement with an engineering college Manoshi recalls. I had a lack of confidence having an introverted personality didn’t help at all. Each time someone told me that I wasn’t a good for the job, I would retreat back to my shell she says.

If asked how she was able to overcome her insecurity, Manoshi says, My students gave me the positive energy as well as the energy and confidence to be better and achieve more.

Manoshi oversees the administration at Techno India Colleges and pre-college education.

There was a gap in the students who had enrolled themselves in the college…The base needed to be strengthened, Manoshi says.

So, in 2005 in 2005, the Techno India Group Public Schools were created in 2005.

Education is at the at the forefront

In the beginning, Techno India Group started three schools in Siliguri, Hooghly, and Garia with students in just standards 11-12. As time went on, more schools were opened all over West Bengal and Madhya Pradesh.

In the past 20 years, Manoshi was instrumental in the establishment of around 20 schools. The schools, as a whole have a capacity of 15,000 students of various backgrounds.

We include students of poorer communities of small towns and villages, as well as students who have parents who are lawyers and doctors. It is said that the Techno India Schools became a common ground for students from all different socioeconomic groups, Manoshi tells

The schools are geared towards the general public and have a low cost for admission. It was difficult at first for teachers to convince them to accept students from all backgrounds, but eventually we were fortunate with the group of teachers who were hired to teach in at the school, Manoshi says.

In addition to studying, Manoshi encourages and ensures that students are also involved in co-curricular activities, which will provide greater opportunities for them in the future. Famous artists like Srabani Sen Dona Ganguly and Bratati Bandhopadhyay have been affiliated with Manoshi’s schools.

I was constantly questioned on my motives. I was informed that my husband had earned a lot of money and that’s why I have to work? However, I was determined to help in the education of children, and money was never an issue for me. Manoshi says.

In the year 2000, at Edumeet 2021 Techno India Group of Schools won The Best Chain of Schools Award from ASSOCHAM.

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Beyond the classroom

In the present, Manoshi leads an environment-friendly eco-tourism business in Jharkhali Sunderbans Jhore Jole Jongole. The educational-tourism venture aims to provide a platform for local artists to consider entrepreneurial opportunities, selling their goods and be financially self-sufficient.

I always was an introvert. I couldn’t speak for myself , even in moments when I was sure I was on the right side of the fence. I was always in the company of men in the conference rooms, and each difference of opinion made me have to demonstrate myself… Before, I was trying to prove myself using words, but now I do what I want to and show, Manoshi says.

If asked if she feels lonely up there, Manoshi reveals that she takes comfort in the garden, as well as her passion for tourism, photography, film and music keep her busy in idle time.

Manoshi has also started two new school located in Indore as well as Bhopal. I was hoping to create more jobs to the nation and help entrepreneurs grow in India and I want to create these schools across the state lines, she says.



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