Ideas are the real currency in the current time: Priyanka Chopra

The actor-turned-entrepreneur speaks to Forbes India about looking for gaps in the market, her investment philosophy and plans for her newly launched haircare brand Anomaly in India

Before the pandemic struck in 2019, actor investor, entrepreneur, and actor Priyanka Chopra met Maesa, an incubator for beauty. Shortly after, Anomaly Haircare was born. “There was no ‘aha moment’ for when I decided to launch a brand, it just evolved into an idea,” she says.

When she was in the development and research process, Chopra recalls going to numerous stores and purchasing dry shampoos. 

Chopra was aware that high-quality hair care was affordable and a gap in the market that she wanted to fill. The brand was launched in 2021. company introduced within the United States with an exclusive partnership in partnership with Target locations across the nation. Chopra invests in the online dating app Bumble and a computer science college Holberton School, real estate company Apartment List and luxury skiwear brand Perfect Moment.

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Nearly one year since the launch and its launch, Anomaly has been launched for the first time in a year. Anomaly label is available now in India on Nykaa, both the online platform and its physical stores. “I always knew that I wanted Anomaly to be available in India but there wasn’t any other choice other than Nykaa, they’re the best in the industry. I’m always looking to work with the market top players,” she says.

Business Headers spoke with Chopra through an Zoom phone call regarding her decision to become an entrepreneur, and her investment philosophy. The following excerpts have been edited:

Q. What was the moment you decided to start your own business?
Technically, I’ve always working in the field of entertainment. We’re creating movies and people are buying tickets and it’s a business, right? However, as I learned more, I realized that the beauty business is closely linked to the entertainment business. I began learning and meeting more people and business was something I could relate to. I launched my production business at first, and that was my first exposure to being an entrepreneur. I began investing in a couple of brands, and trying out the waters, as I was looking for holes in the market, and figuring the best way to accomplish. I’ve come to realize that ideas are the currency of our time.

Q. What made the idea of entering the haircare industry came to your the forefront of your mind?
Through the years I’ve sat on a myriad of chair for hair and makeup with a myriad of experts, using the top products around on my hair as well as my face and I’ve gained the knowledge of what the best hair care products ought to look like. When I was thinking about this, I realized that the three-pointer that was lacking in the aisle of hair care was having top-quality formulas which you’d spend a significant amount of money for, but at a price that is affordable that is also safe and eco-friendly.

The idea came from my curiosity about business, and from meeting several people from the beauty industry, and having the pleasure of meeting several female founders who are inspiring. One of the main motives for me to partner in Nykaa is Falguni Nayar’s story. She began by establishing an online platform for beauty, and later became an industry top player… this was incredibly inspiring for me as a woman who is trying to establish a baby step into business.

Q. A. The international and Indian market faces intense competition in the area of personal care and beauty. What is it that is it that makes Anomaly distinguish itself?
The name says it all that our products are unique. There aren’t many brands that can provide the quality we offer particularly at such low prices. For instance, if you look at our bonding mask to others on the market we are only 1/5th of the cost. The three-pronged advantage of superior formulas, and being cheap and clean I believe that is the reason we are unique.

Our bottles are all produced at low costs since they’re all made of recycled garbage. For example our caps for bottles cost only 3 cents. We now spend less on our packaging, we were able to put into creating top-quality formulas that you’d otherwise have to have to pay more for. We make use of ingredients like aloe vera gel, quinoa, rice water, avacado… components that are believed to help make the base of your hair strong and healthy.

Q. In the past few years how has the Indian beauty industry changed?
I consider this to be an extremely exciting moment for us to do business alongside the Indian consumer as access to the top worldwide beauty products are now at your fingertips through platforms such as Nykaa. In the last few years, the level of interest and knowledge of the consumer of the personal and beauty area has increased. In addition also, the Indian consumer is more aware and aware of the choices they make. They know what’s best for them, and the best questions to ask, and are more and more aware of the need for clean and eco-friendly beauty products as well.

Q. Are there any issues you anticipate with regard to operating in the Indian market, considering how it is competitive?
Of of course, there will be difficulties. Anomaly is a relatively new brand, and making people conscious about Anomaly is a major challenge by itself. We are convinced that Nykaa will assist in creating the right amount of noise, and help us connect with Indian customers. We’re only beginning to find our feet. I’m exploring the beauty industry and there are plenty of obstacles I’m expecting to encounter however, I’m always an individual who is up to the new challenge. I am extremely proud of the product, therefore I am sure that Anomaly will last the years. I would like to see Anomaly will be your hair’s most trusted friend.

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