ISL How do FC Goa players train for maximal fitness

Lounge sits down with FC Goa’s Strength and Conditioning coach in order to better understand the training methods of elite footballers, and the lessons you can take from the best of them.

The Indian Super League (ISL) will begin play this Friday (7 October) and all teams are eager to get off to a good start and keep this momentum throughout the entire season. To do this it is essential that players work intensely in the lead-up to the first game and being on the same page as their counterparts and possess a thorough understanding of strategy and tactics. Lounge visited One of the ISL teams, FC Goa, to gain an understanding of the way elite football teams train. There’s a lot to be learned by everyone from the way athletes take their fitness and conditioning.

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FC Goa are currently working with an upcoming trainer for strength and conditioning, Joel Dones. Joel Dones is a Spaniard holds a master’s degree in high-performance for team sport from FC Barcelona, as well as having a UEFA A coaching license. 

They start a day following game day and conclude just before the next day’s match,” says Dones, who also played in the Hong Kong Premier League. For FC Goa, the team training sessions begin at 5:15 pm. They train on speed and running, shifting directions as well as footwork, reaction and battling 50-50 balls, in addition to other things. The typical training session lasts 75 minutes.

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