Kickfit or Kick-boxing?

Kickfit and Kickboxing are considered two health training disciplines that are equally attractive to Muay Thai, Boxing, or Gym. They have been and are becoming a practice trend, attracting people of all ages and genders. Besides the similarities, kickfit and kickboxing have their characteristics.

What is Kickfit?

Kickfit (also known as Kickfitness) is a combination of high-intensity Kickboxing movements with Fitness exercises to burn calories, increase heart rate, and improve health for a more supple body.

Kickfit is a martial art similar to MMA, also inspired by many martial arts styles, combining powerful movements such as punching and kicking with attacking and moving techniques to form a sport of physical training and fitness. firm figure. The mixed martial arts styles commonly seen in Kickfit are boxing and Muay Thai.

Currently, some gyms have integrated Kickfit into their exercise programs because it not only improves health but also helps you have a toned body. With discount codes and coupons during the holidays, you can easily sign up for a Gym card combined with Kickfit to practice.

What is Kickboxing?

Kickboxing is a fighting sport that combines punches and kicks from other sports such as boxing, Karate.

First appearing in Japan in 1950, Kickboxing gradually developed in the US and spread to other parts of Europe in the 1970s. At that time, Kickboxing had gained popularity and began to be recognized as is a sport and organizes professional tournaments.

A typical Kickboxing match will have 3-12 rounds, each round lasting 2-3 minutes. Boxers must have the same weight class and use hand, foot, and head protection during the competition.

Techniques allowed to be used in Kickboxing:

  • Hand blows: Jab – Cross straight punches, shovels, hooks.
  • Legs: Straight kicks, round kicks, turns, flying kicks, hook kicks, leg sweeps.

In each round, the boxer will need to launch at least 6 kicks. After each round, the judge will calculate the number of blows to the referee, and deduct points if the boxer continuously makes mistakes.

The boxers can win by scoring, knocking out the opponent or the referee stops the match, the opponent gives up… In addition, if any boxer is stunned 3 times, he will also lose by TKO. technical knockout).

Kickfit and Kickboxing are considered two health training disciplines that are equally attractive to Muay Thai, Boxing, or Gym. They have been and are becoming a practice trend, attracting people of all ages and genders. Besides the similarities, kick it and kickboxing have their characteristics.

Similarities between Kickfit and kickboxing

Kickfit and Kickboxing are both much newer exercises than Muay Thai, Boxing, or Gym. Perhaps the biggest similarity between these two disciplines is the benefits they bring to the practitioner.

Increase reflexes

Kickboxing was born based on the combination of famous martial arts Muay Thai, Boxing, Karate. Meanwhile, Kickfit was born as a new development of kickboxing with a combination of fitness and cardio. Thus, more or less, kickboxing and kickfit both have training techniques related to martial arts. Certainly, basic exercises will help us improve our reflexes. When trained to an advanced level and sustained over a long period of practice, most people will be able to defend themselves, able to fight. In particular, these two subjects are highly applicable and applied in life.

Reduce stress and fatigue

Like other forms of exercise, kickfit or kickboxing both help the brain rest. The punches at practice as a way for us to relieve all the pressure in life. At the same time, they also prevent the possibility of depression caused by anxiety and stress.

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Reduce the risk of disease

When the body is exercised regularly, the resistance will also be continuously enhanced. Thanks to that, we can avoid common diseases.

Not stopping there, regular daily exercise stimulates enzymes that transfer LDL from the blood to the liver. Once there, cholesterol is turned into bile for digestion or excretion. This is the process of reducing cholesterol, maintaining them at a healthy level, and avoiding several diseases such as coronary artery disease, complications of heart failure, stroke, peripheral vascular …

Build a balanced body

In the process of practicing these two subjects, you will have to move constantly. Along with that is the combination of punches and kicks that consume a lot of calories. According to calculations, on average, each hour of exercise can burn 500-600 calories stored in excess fat.

When practicing both of these subjects, it is very tiring, which is why these two subjects support health training so effectively. If you want enough energy to exercise, you should use additional foods such as protein. Protein supplements are popularly sold to gamers on sales websites, if you use additional discount codes or coupons for protein on, it will help you save a lot of money.

Also for this reason why many people choose these two subjects to practice daily to lose fat and improve their physique. Not only men but also women are very fond of these two subjects.

The difference between these Kickfit and Kickboxing

Although there are many common benefits, kickboxing and kick it both have their characteristics. Especially the practice technique.

About kickboxing’s training techniques, which are attacks and counterattacks based on two famous martial arts, Boxing and Muay Thai. Along with that, Karate’s kick movements are also applied during Kickboxing practice. When practicing kickboxing, the practitioner will be performing straight shoulder punches, forward punches, pushups, hooks. Along with that is how to dodge attacks, avoid attacks to limit injuries caused by opponents.

Kickfit is likened to a new step of kickboxing. Because it is a combination of kickboxing and fitness. That is, in addition to practicing martial arts-related techniques such as punching, kicking, supporting, and putting, kickfit also has a combination with gym and cardio to achieve the desired physique and measurements.


The above information will help you understand the difference between KickFit and Kickboxing as well as the divine benefits that KickFit and Kickboxing bring. You will feel more suitable to practice which subject will help your body become harmonious, balanced and help you have more excitement after each training session. Try it out and let us know what you think.

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