LaQuan Smith shows off his style on an aircraft carrier.

Following the show, Smith said his influence on the collection was derived from his travels, including an earlier trip to Morocco and Morocco, which, according to him, made him feel overwhelmed by ideas. He returned in New York and applied his city-centric sensibilities to his sketches.

LaQuan Smith made use of the breathtaking set of an old aircraft carrier to create his fashion show, which explored the female body.

On a Monday night, a party held on board the USS Intrepid, the famed tourist attraction, which docked on the Hudson River, Smith launched his spring collection of ready-to-wear. In the midst of wartime relics such as that of Avenger bomber, fashion-savvy insiders musicians, fashion industry celebs along with social media media’s influencers sip drinks and took pictures while waiting until the event to begin. Regular New York Fashion Week model Julia Fox caught up with her friends, including Lourdes “Lola” Leon -Madonna’s daughter while posing for pictures in a fur-trimmed mini-skirt from Smith’s show from last fall.

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“It’s the IT factor,” Fox stated during an interview. “You cannot describe it, but I think LaQuan has it and is able to understand females and the things that make them feel comfortable.

Swedish fashion model Elsa Hosk opened the show with a bright color-popping neon pink dress and a sporty skirt. Long ponytails fluttering around them, in a thumping beat, the models walked one after another wearing barely-there bright fluorescent jewel toned ensembles that featured translucent jewelry and the wrap-around heel.

Following the exhibition, Smith said his influence on the collection was derived from his travels. This included his recent trip to Morocco that, he claimed, caused him to be overwhelmed with ideas. He returned in New York and applied his city-centric sensibilities to his sketches.

His concepts were embodied in the romantic beauty of silk chiffon scarfs tucked around the necks of models to a pair of pants that are perfect for a stylish day out.

“This collection was all about sensuality, female formality and really having a sense of freedom and fluidity,” Smith stated. “This season was a great creative challenge for me because I kind of had to think much lighter, much softer.”

Like many other designers exhibiting the runway this year, semi-nudity was also on the runway. If models weren’t bare them on their runways, Smith made sculpted bodysuits to decorate their chests.

Norwegian Model Frida Aasen was seen wearing an elegant bralette with silver wings, and an elongated waist sash in silver over a black skirt.

Since the debut of Smith in 2013, he’s elevated his brand to new standards. Recently, Beyonce wore one of Smith’s cosy dresses for her campaign for jewelry brand Tiffany.

“I’m living my dream, and it didn’t play out the way that I thought that it would, but sometimes I have to pinch myself and realize, ‘Oh my god Beyonce wore LaQuan Smith on the billboard of Tiffany and Co,'” Smith said.

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