Masai School is helping launch careers and increase the growth of Tech Companies by bridging the skills gap

Unemployment isn’t a new phenomenon in India. Inattention to the development of skills holistically and job readiness leave young people in India unprepared to be employed which makes it difficult the tech-related recruiters locate the best talent. The Indian workforce has the largest skill gap, second only to Brazil. As India develops into a knowledge-based economy, quickly embracing technology in manufacturing and service sectors as well as the growing gaps in higher education is seen as a major issue.

In the 2019-20 Global Skills Gap Industry Report discovered that 92 percent of employees in India think there is a skill gap in the country , and 75 percent believe that they’ve been personally affected by the gap.

What do we miss?

The rise in unemployment in India is frequently wrongly blamed on a lack of skilled positions. Although the need for Indian analysts and engineers is growing globally however, the majority of IT companies in India have a shortage of skilled workers. Many graduates, who are in the entry-level of Tier I institutesrequire additional training in order to be ready to work when they are hired. Students at Tier II and III institutions possess a basic understanding of certain concepts but have little or no evidence of their abilities. Therefore, they require more investment in training and training and reskilling.

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Facilitating business growth by leveraging highly skilled employees

Prateek Shukla co-founder and CEO from Masai School, and his team are working to bridge the gap between demand and the supply of skilled applicants for the Indian tech sector. As organizations cannot depend on the aptitude or theoretic tests that are at best a good indicator of the potential, companies have faith in Masai to fill the gap. Unicorns and soonicorns such as ShareChat, Swiggy, Ola, Meesho, CoinSwitch Kuber, Cleartrip, NoBroker, and Paytm are hiring from Masai and have gained from the skilled talents of Masai.

With more than 1500 hours of learning through practice, Masai makes students from different backgrounds, educational backgrounds, and backgrounds ready for work with demonstrated industry-ready skills in the field of software development and data analytics.

On the subject of developing curriculum, Prateek adds , “Over 50 tech CTOs and industry leaders assist Masai create and improve our courses to allow students to begin their careers immediately and with appropriate skills. This feedback loop helps keep our students up-to-date and current, that helps us to place Masai graduates on the top-rated engineers in India. 

Since Masai was created with the needs of the industry in mind, there aren’t any costs with hiring employees from the company.

Why Masai?

Masai isn’t just a higher education institution. Through bridging the gap between the need and supply of qualified candidates for the job market in the private sector, Masai is providing skilled applicants to most prestigious startups, companies and MNCs. Additionally they’re developing the only talent stream that will lead to the best workplaces’.

  • Recruitment specialists return at Masai because the process for hiring is extremely simple. An organization can anticipate 17-18 percent of applicants to be selected.
  • For the role 1 Developer job, Masai shares six recommendations so that employers don’t need to go through hundreds of candidates.

Our students are capable of standing side-by-side with the other technology talent in the United States and create applications that I and you are using on a regular basis. Our students comprised 46 percent during the past year were employed by our repeat hire partners and this is a huge achievement considering that our student population has grown 8 times in the past calendar year. adds Prateek.

Highlights of pedagogy

The course is developed by analyzing feedback received from the industry during various batches and taught by teachers with experience in development. ” Masai’s aim has always been to discover the potential of India that is not fully realized. This is, in large measure because of our educational approach. We have talented students who have backgrounds such as BCA, BA, BTech (Mechanical and non-IT streams) to become programmers and they perform on average better than college graduates who have the coding skills ,” claims Prateek. The Masai method of teaching is based on the practice-based learning model and mastery-based advancement as well as holistic development (technical as well as soft abilities) and rigorous test and feedback cycles.

Students and graduates of Masai’s data and software analytics programs acquire skills that will allow them to be successful in their careers starting from day one. This is accomplished through an expectation of outcomes wherein students are able to learn for free and pay only for their education when they are hired.

What criteria are used to select candidates?

Candidates who are interested in applying must pass an exam in order to be considered. Once they have been selected, they are accepted into Masai’s outcomes-driven program for intensive hands-on instruction and to work on a variety of projects. They are continually evaluated throughout the duration of the program before they are certified as being ready for work by Masai.

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Masai boasts more than 1,300 students in 300+ top MNCs and startups.

“Three years after we began three years ago, we’ve had an impact I could never have imagined. The students who graduated the majority are employed, earning an average of about 7.5 lakh annually in some of the largest Indian technology companies. Prateek has 1400+ employers, and that amount of jobs is increasing daily. That’s why we keep moving forward with confidence that our expert talent can make an impact ,”



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