Nagaland initiates an innovative initiative to promote off-road travel

Nagaland is poised to become the capital city of off-roading of India. According to report, Nagaland Tourism has started an innovative initiative to encourage offroad tourism and has also roped in Wander Beyond Boundaries (WBB) The pioneers of extreme terrain travel to create Nagaland Off Road, and make it the real-life.

With the aim of expanding tourism’s expansion beyond the well-known cities in Dimapur and Kohima and to capture the distinctive culture and stunning landscapes of the interiors Nagaland Offroad will be the only stop-shop for the traveler who would like to explore and discover the raw real-world experience of traveling in remote areas.According to reports, WBB & Nagaland Tourism have jointly announced the expedition, giving travelers new opportunities to explore the region. For those who are interested, they are able to hire self-drive 4x4s to make travel easier.

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According to reports, the trails and routes that have been curated have been meticulously mapped and will give travelers an unique opportunity to explore the terrain as well as the people and their way of life.

In addition having the option of taking a self-planned route, Nagaland Offroad will be organizing self-drive excursions for those who are interested who want to experience with nature and give them opportunities to gain a better understanding of the lifestyles and lives of the various tribes in the state.

To help support the project of the Nagaland Government, WBB will create value through the provision of support for technological and scientific expertise in off-road trails.

In a statement on the initiative, Kitto Zhimomi, Commissioner, Secretary, Nagaland Tourism said that the idea is to make use of Nagaland Offroad’s vehicle Nagaland Offroad to create livelihood for those living in the interiors.

This can help boost the local economy and its offshoots could be a variety of homestays workshops, art craft, traditional food as well as other activities like mountain biking, and so on, he said.

Nagaland Offroad is curating unique off-road routes district-wise that allow travelers to go on independently in the hinterlands, the official said.

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