Narayan Jewellers launches new e-commerce store

Narayan Jewellers launched an e-commerce website that caters to customers in India and overseas. The brand’s new e-commerce store was launched by celebrity Mira Rajpur Kapoor (wife of actor Shahid Kapoor), the brand announced via Facebook.

Narayan Jewellers launched an entirely new product line, ‘Elegance’, in addition to its new ecommerce capabilities. This limited-edition collection has a very limited number of pieces per design. A range of lightweight “Layering Necklaces” has been launched in this category. They feature delicate details and a mixture of pearls and pastel-colored gemstones.

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Rajput Kapoor, Ketan, and Jatin Chokshi, for their launch of the new e-commerce site, said in a statement. The Gem and Jewellery Export Promotion Council posted the information on its website. It’s incredible to see how Narayan has combined their 80-year-old heritage with the latest technology with its designs, aesthetics and technology.

Baroda-based company recently launched its ‘One in a Million’ jewellery category. This requires a special membership that allows shoppers to browse exclusive designs. Mira Rajput Kapoor models the earrings and diamond chokers.

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