Pakistan deaths due to flooding is now 1,061, with a huge relief operation in progress

Officials said this year’s flooding has affected more than 33 million people–one in seven Pakistanis–destroying or badly damaging nearly a million homesA massive aid operation was underway on Monday, and international aid began pouring into the country as Pakistan was battling to handle floods that have caused over 33 million of the population.

Officials have reported that 1,061 were killed since the month of June, when the rainy season began however, the death toll could be greater because many villages in the north of the mountains are isolated by floods destroying bridges and roads.

The annual monsoon is vital to irrigate crops and replenish dams and lakes all across the Indian subcontinent. However, it can also cause havoc.

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Officials say this year’s flood has caused over 33 million residents–

one in seven Pakistanis–destroying or badly damaging nearly a million homes.

The Climate Change Minister Sherry Rehman described it as “the monster monsoon of the decade”.

This year’s flooding is similar to those of 2010 — the most devastating year on record — when nearly 2,000 perished and more than a fifth of the country was submerged.

Near Sukkur the city of the southern Sindh province, and home to an old barrage from the colonial era on the Indus River that is crucial in preventing further disasters, one farmer lamented the damage caused to his fields of rice.

Millions of acres of lush agricultural land have been submerged by the relentless rain that has been pouring down on it for weeks however, the Indus threatens to rupture its banks due to the result of a torrent of water flowing downstream from tributaries that flow to the north.

“Our crop spanned over 5,000 acres on which the best quality rice was sown and is eaten by you and us,” Khalil Ahmed 70, said to AFP.

“There are no landing strips or approaches available… our pilots find it difficult to land,” one officer in charge informed AFP.

The army’s helicopters were fighting to bring individuals to safety from the North, where steep mountains and valleys create dangerous conditions for flying.

Numerous rivers in the region — a beautiful tourist spot–have broken their banks, destroying numerous structures, including a hotel with 150 rooms that was smashed into a raging river.

This government declared an emergency, and has appealed for international assistance

On Sunday the first aid flights started to arrive, originating from Turkey as well as the UAE.

The flood could not be more timely moment for Pakistan which is a country where the economy is at a low.

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