Peloton rides along with Amazon as the first exercise company to establish an outside collaboration for online sales

It’s part a bigger effort to revive the post-pandemic operations under the leadership of CEO Barry McCarthy, who assumed the role on February 1st. Peloton, which is headquartered within New York City, is eliminating thousands of positions and closing a few retail outlets.

For Amazon it’s an important victory in the company’s ongoing efforts to convince famous brands to open shops on its e-commerce platform.

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This can result in sacrifices from major brands, allowing Amazon an insight into their business operations, and allowing them to compete directly with legitimate third-party sellers as well as questionable knock-offs. Nike’s decision to remove its products off Amazon in the year 2019 following the 2 year trial was a clear example of the issues.

the newly launched Amazon shopfront includes the first Peloton bicycle, Peloton Guide fitness camera and a variety of accessories and clothing. The initial test we conducted this morning shows that prices are identical for every item on each of Amazon along with that of the Peloton on-line store.

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