Privacy Tracker Retracts Paytm Mall’s Privacy Leak Claims, Believes Leak Was ‘Fabricated’

The HIBP’s Troy Hunt revealed that he believed that the data was fake after having a chat with Paytm’s head security department.

Privacy tracker, Have I been hacked (HIBP) has reversed its claims of having Paytm Mall was hacked in 2020, and has stated that it believes the leak was fake. This week, the site that permits Internet users to see if their personal information has been compromised due to data breaches has added what it claims as personal information from 3.4 million users, believed to be obtained from the data breach. On Friday the HIP’s Troy Hunt revealed that he believed the data was fake following a conversation with Paytm’s head of security department regarding whether the data was genuine. information.

The website that reported the existence of a breach in our systems has analyzed the breach and has now reversed its claims. This confirms our earlier statements that we had stated that the breach was no connection to us, after conducting extensive examinations. We want to assure our customers that their personal information is safe and that protecting the information of our customers is our top goal, a Paytm spokesperson stated to Business Headers

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According to HIBP the data that has been described as fake, included “unique email addresses as well as names, numbers, dates of birth, genders as well as income levels and previously purchased items” in the case of 3.4 million users hacked in the breach, which was disclosed in the year 2020.

In the year 2020, Risk intelligence company Cyble was reported to have declared that cybercriminals had demanded for ransoms in the form of cryptocurrency, following the time that Paytm Mall was hacked by an infamous cybercrime group known as John Wick. According to reports, the group gained access to the entire database of Paytm Mall using an administrator’s backdoor or backdoor. In the past, Paytm claimed that they had not discovered any security breaches and that all data of users as well as company data was secure and secured.

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