Rajasthan is ready for the annual Pushkar Fair.

You’ve heard of this fair Pushkar Fair, Pushkar Camel Fair, Kartik Mela or Kartik ka Mela. There are many names to choose from but the fair’s primary goal – to bring individuals closer to Rajasthan’s rich culture and traditions of Rajasthan.

This year, the festival will run from November 1-9 and the celebrations have already started; if you’re not yet there Pushkar to attend the festival, it’s time to organize your travel plans. Soon.

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This year this year, the Pushkar Fair will not be the well-known Fair for cattle due to spreading of the lumpy skin disease among animals. Each year the fair for cattle was a highlight for the event. Farmers from across the state attend the fair to trade their animals such as camels, cattles and horses.
It is, however, an the time of year for religious pilgrimage at the sacred Pushkar Lake. People from all over the nation journey to Pushkar to make this journey.

In this year’s edition, the tourist department is inviting visitors from across the globe to the fair, under the auspices of Pushkar Chalo Abhiyan.

What can we be expecting at Pushkar fair?
Numerous festivals and cultural events are held during fair’s celebrations. Games that are fun, like tug-of-war between men and women competitions, matka phod and the longest moustache contest are just a few of the most intriguing competitions on display at the fair. The Camel Race is an additional race that you shouldn’t skip.

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