Robobus is an autonomous shuttle that can be used to work, gaming or exercising, and even sleeping while on the move

From 2014 onwards, Pix Moving has been developing a new and revolutionary kind autonomous vehicle. The vehicle is named Robobus the vehicle is being manufactured and over 1,000 are scheduled to be ready by the end of the year.

In 2014 and since then, Pix Moving has been working on a brand new kind autonomous vehicle. It’s called Robobus and is being manufactured and over 1,000 are scheduled to be ready by the end of the year.

The goal is to to provide different living spaces on a single platform for vehicles. This means that the interior space is able to be set up to accommodate a variety of purposes as the selected module is then incorporated into the chassis. The Robobus could be used as an office that can be moved around or a gaming area for gamers, complete with screen and consoleor a gym equipped with mats on the floor, or sleep pods with a bed! Additionally, companies can create their own interiors, including food trucks or cafeteria, or the idea of a mobile store.

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Be aware that the Robobus could theoretically hold up to six persons depending on the configuration. It’s also surprisingly compact, measuring just 3.8 meters in length as well as 1.9 metres wide. However, at 2.2 meters in height it’s quite extraordinary as almost everyone can sit inside.

It isn’t the case of vehicles that are that are designed to operate in traffic instead, it is a matter of shuttles that could serve a variety of locations over short distances on closed circuits , or in specifically designated zones. Furthermore the Robobus is a comparatively modest efficiency, with maximum speed of 30 km/h , and the range of just 100 kilometers.

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