Sitaphal Benefits: You Should Add Custard Apple to Your Diet

Sitaphal, often referred to as the custard apples, has vitamins C, B6 as well as calcium and iron along with antioxidants. The conical, green fruit is especially rich in fiber.

Sitaphal Benefits Conical and green, the fruit referred to as a C ustard Apple is covered in a soft skin and a sweet, creamy flesh. It is also known as cherimoya, apple, or cherimoya in addition to its local designation of Sitaphal. This rare fruit, rich in fiber, vitamins and minerals, could assist in strengthening immunity, lessen inflammation and boost heart and eye health. The fruits start out colored brown or green however, as they mature their pulp acquires the scent of a sweet. Sitaphal is a key ingredient in a variety of Indian recipes, including desserts due to its distinct flavour and soft texture. Nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar offers some undisputed advantages of the seasonal fruit – Sitaphal

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Custard Apples increase metabolism and allow for the most efficient possible conversion of food into energy. Furthermore, the numerous fibers that this fruit contains satisfy hunger, prevent unwanted cravings that are early and dangerous as well as allow nutrients to move without obstruction and help speed digestion processes.


  1. Sitaphal helps heal ulcers and reduces acidity
  2. Sitaphal contains micronutrients that provide you a silky skin tone that is superior to any foundation that is liquid – and that has been proven to boost the health of your eyes and brain
  3. Sitaphal can help improve Hb levels
  4. Sitaphal is a bioactive compound that have anti-obesogenic, anti-diabetes and anti-cancer properties.

Sitaphal is a great source of health benefits. Are you vegan or lactose-intolerant? Sitaphal is a fantastic alternative to dairy-based creams condensed milk, caramel sauce, and cheese.

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