Step-by-step steps to follow to know to make a request for the tablet of the Government. Who can ask for the tablet, as well as what are able to do?

It is designed for older adult women . Click here this link to find out more information about how you can get a the tablet for free, specifically for those who are in the most vulnerable groups, including those who are recipients of the Universal Child Allowance. Universal Child Allowance

The National Communications Entity (ENACOM) increased the reach of their National Program for Access to Information and Communication Technologies to older women and older females who are in the most vulnerable groups which includes those who receive Anses such as Universal Child Allowance (AUH) and retirees eligible to receive the minimum wage and monotributistas.

Who is eligible to get the tablet free of charge?

Its goal is to help all those who perceive:

-• Universal Child Allowance (AUH) and pregnancies

Non-contributory pensions with a yearly income per month that is not greater than the amount of the essential or mobile salary

– Individuals of Social Monotax Regime Social Monotax Regime

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Employees, pensioners, retirees and pensioners in a dependency relationship with gross earnings that are less than or equal to two minimum essentials and wage mobiles.

Monotributistas, whose income per month isn’t more than double the minimum essential and mobile wage

Electrodependent, unemployed , elderly women and those who reside in suburban or rural areas within their municipalities.

How do I request the tablet?

You must go to into the ANSES page and fill out the form with their personal information or update it. The process starts by going to”My Ancess” and then to the “My Ancess” tab. There is also the CUIL (or tax code).

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Elderly and women in rural areas Municipalities will be in charge of creating a suitable list of recipients and distributing the devices that were not distributed in the program that was that was launched in the year of in the year.

In Resolution 705/2020 Enacom has since widened the number of individuals who are eligible for this program, to “the beneficiaries of Decree 311/20, as well as their regulations” which is the law that facilitated the prohibition of interruption of services due to the non-payment of the time of health emergency that is caused through the transmission of disease to regions that are at risk.

Furthermore, article 4 . of the Enacom regulation, which was published in the Official Gazette authorizes municipalities to give tablets to senior citizens who reside in rural or suburban areas of their municipalities. The Resolution stipulates the criteria to identify potential beneficiaries of the Program.

What is the exact resolution’s language?

As per Resolution ENACOM, this expansion will “enable access to technology that aids the integration, insertion, and social progress by using technology to communicate information and information for the most vulnerable segments of the population through the supply of tablets to municipalities civil associations, communities networks as well as intermediary organizations with a strong geographical presence within the best-known areas”.


In its terms, the rules approved by the chief of the body. Claudio ambrosini explains that, in an environment of prevention. Social and mandatory isolation due to the coronavirus pandemic as well as technological advancements in telecommunications “constitute tools for exercising fundamental rights (such as health, food and education, for example) and are of particular importance for the population most susceptible to the possibility of an outbreak, including those with a long-standing illness”.

“In order to make sure that the people are complying with the rules that is a vulnerable segment of the population. Following the covid-19 pandemic it is crucial to disseminate the. Resting devices that were not distributed because of the inability to. inform the beneficiaries, and thus increase the number of beneficiaries of the program and to expand it to other municipalities and other social, neighborhood and community organizations with already established positions in neighborhood that is well-known” As per ENAC Resolution 705/2020.

The National Communications Entity will distribute free tablets to young monotributists between 25 and twenty-five years of age, retired persons as well as AUH beneficiaries. What is the best method to access the tablets.

This week week, week this week, this week, the National Communications Entity (better known by its abbreviation Enacom). It announced that the youngest people. Along with monotributistas between the ages 15 and 25 will be able to request tablets at no cost . Also, retirees and beneficiaries who receive Universal Child Allowance ( AUH ) are able to make use of the AUH.

The program will run within the framework of the “Connecting to you” program, which is an commitment of $3,000 million . Here are the most important details and instructions to receive the free Enacom tablets.

According to reports that the company will hand 140,000 tablets of tablets to Monotributistas to assist. Participate “to Integration, integration and social advancement by utilizing technology to improve communication and information.”

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