Swiggy Delivery Executives From Bengaluru Might Go On A More Protracted Strike If The Issues Aren’t Solved

Swiggy’s delivery staff in Bengaluru were in strike since last week , over several issues

The strike was ended on Monday, after Swiggy requested one week’s time to settle the issues of the executives.

One of the organizations that backed the protests stated that demands of the executives are in the midst for a long time, but the company hasn’t implemented any measures to resolve their “plight”

The strike of tens of thousands of delivery managers from foodtech company Swiggy in Bengaluru was over last the morning of Monday (July 25) However, some organizations that supported the protest have said they are planning a larger strike if the company doesn’t resolve their concerns within the timeframe of a week as it was it was promised.

The top executives of Bengaluru have been on strike since last week, with demands ranging from a raise in pay and benefits, particularly for ‘out in zone’ delivery to not granting order assignments to third-party service providers such as Shadowfax as well as Rapido.

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The executive team ended the protests when Swiggy demanded an extra week to resolve their complaints.

Two delivery executive associations that supported the strike, informed Business Header that gig workers, who play a significant roles in running the company, have a number of problems, such as not being classified as employees of the company.

According to them, the altered pay rates – INR20 per order for fresh executives and INR 30 for orders for experienced ones – are far too low considering the increasing costs of fuel and the living expenses in Bengaluru. In addition, according to organizations, delivery executives must purchase their uniforms and raincoats. Swiggy doesn’t offer them.

In addition that, one of the organizations stated that delivery executives are not able to find a single point of contact with whom they can speak about their concerns.

“If the delivery manager has problems contact the customer support number isn’t much assistance, and there are no regional or area managers are there to discuss the issues. If they go to at the Swiggy headquarters, security guards are not allowed to tell them that there are no official accessible,” said Dathathreya Raju BM National President of the Delivery Boys Welfare Association.

Shaik Salauddin who is the national general secretary of the Indian Federation Of App-Based Transport Workers (IFAT) said to Business Headers “Investors of Swiggy must consider the working conditions they’re enabling by investing in these firms that promote the use of abusive work practices.”.

“These are long-awaited requests and not anything new. The business of Swiggy is growing, but it’s not as good as the condition of delivery managers,” Salauddin added.

According to him, around 3000 delivery professionals supported by IFAT participated in the protests that lasted for four days. Business Headers was unable to verify the exact number for itself.

Additionally, Swiggy in a statement stated “We were capable of addressing concerns regarding compensation and incentives, and arrive at an amicable agreement. Delivery executives from the affected areas of Bangalore have resumed their work. We will continue to address the concerns of our delivery executives as we work together to assist customers.”

Work conditions and conditions that gig-workers face, such as delivery executives have been scrutinized in recent months. When companies such as Zomato, Zepto, Dunzo began to enter the 10-minute delivery market, lots of questions were asked about the the pressure they would place on Delivery executives.

The concerns that were raised by Swiggy delivery executives can be applicable to the CEOs of other delivery firms The associations claimed.

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In the year 2021 earlier, Zomato and Swiggy delivery executives took to social media to protest in protest against what they claimed was exploitation. In 2020, several Indian cities like Hyderabad, Noida, and Chennai witnessed protests from executives over a variety of issues.

Recently, the think tank of the government the NITI Aayog has called for the expansion Social Security benefits for gig workers across the country. According to the estimates of the think tank, more than 7.7 million people were working in the gig economy during 2020-21. The number could rise to 23.5 Mn by 2029-30.



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