Tata Steel Partners With Drone Startup Aarav Unmanned Systems For Mining & Mapping Solutions

It is not the first time Tata Steel and Aarav Unmanned Systems (AUS) have joined forces. In November 2021, AUS performed a mining analysis at Tata’s Kalinganagar Expansion Plant in Odisha

AUS develops commercial-grade drones and solutions for enterprise-level applications such as mining infrastructure, urban planning energy, irrigation, and agriculture.

AUS has identified the 15K village and 35 city across India covering over 250 stocksyards, mines and other facilities used by power, mining and metal companies.

Tata Steel and Bengaluru-based drone startup Aarav Unmanned Systems (AUS) have signed an Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to design and develop end-to end drone solutions that integrate with concentration on safety, efficiency and efficiency of opencast mining operations.

Tata Steel will also work in conjunction with AUS to offer drone-based solutions that include geotechnical mapping and mining analytics in order to Tata Steel group companies across different mining sites and stocks in India.

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It’s the third time that a Tata Group company and AUS have collaborated. In the past, Tata Steel partnered with AUS in November 2021 to assist the project team in mapping the progress of its upcoming Kalinganagar Expansion Plant in Odisha. At the time, AUS had carried out drone surveys of the mining leases held by Tata Steel and delivered mines analysis.

In 2013, AUS was founded with Vipul Singh, and Suhas Banshiwala in 2013, AUS has been developing commercial drones. It also offers drone-based solutions to enterprise applications in infrastructure, mining urban planning as well as energy, irrigation and agriculture. The end-to-end solutions offered by AUS include drones, operators and a cloud-based platform to analyze data.

AUS has been the only drone-based startup to receive the given the certification in the small category since the previous certifications were only for drones that fell under that category. AUS claims to be financially successful from the beginning of 2019 and was one of three drone companies which were selected to discover India’s 600plus villages by India’s government. The company has already covered over 5 million areas, 15K villages, and 35 cities across India and has covered more than 250 stocksyards, mines and other facilities used by mining, metal and power companies.

The company’s drone survey-enabled digitalization will aid Tata Steel in gathering impactful and actionable data Tata Steel’s Vice President of Raw Material DB Sundara Raman stated in an announcement. “We think there is enormous potential in redefining the core mining processes, such as mining exploration and planning mines using drone data and smart analytics.”

AUS released a statement in which it stated that AUS mining solutions could increase efficiency, production and safety on the site.

Since that the Drones Rules 2021 came into in force, allowing drone operations to be more liberal and the unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) system has experienced an increase in activity.

In actual fact, India has witnessed a 34.4 percent growth on the amount of drones or UAV-related startups in the period from August 2021 (157 startups) until February 2022 ( 221 drone startups). The Civil Aviation Ministry’s drone management system Digital Sky is scheduled to go live by the end of October 2022, propelling the Indian market.

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Meanwhile, Civil Aviation Minister Jyotiraditya Scindia has forecast that India will be an world drone hub in 2030, with a market annual turnover of INR 15,000 crore in 2026.



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