The amount of time users spend on social media , and what is the reason?

A recent study from We Are Social and Hootsuite has focused on the online time and, in more specific terms on social media networks across the globe in a recent study from July 2022.

It’s not difficult to take the public transport system to notice that everyone is fixed on their mobile. We Are Social and Hootsuite have examined the amount of time that people spend online and, in particular social media networks around the world in a recent study from July 2022.

The population of the Philippines are among the most hooked

of those 7.98 billion people around the world, as per the most recent UN statistics the study found 5 billion users on the internet, which is around 63%. Of these, 92.4 percent use their phones to access the internet. However, this is lower than the 2021 figure. On average, a user will spend 6 hours and 53 minutes per day online! While this may seem like an oddity however, it’s three minutes shorter than the same timeframe in 2021, as the study reveals. Mobile phones are still the top device used to connect to the internet ahead of computers, favored in 68% of internet users. Nigeria is the country in which the majority of internet users use their phones to browse the internet (98.4 percent of those aged 16-64 olds). And, in other places, the figure isn’t lower than 83 percent, Denmark being the last nation on the list, with 83.2 percent.But what exactly do these users do on the internet? According to the research the most frequently used types of applications and websites online are messaging and chat services that account for 95.7 percent of the users. social networks are second with 95.2 percent. YouTube is by far the top frequented site, as per the Semrush index in February 2022. It is in front of Google as well as Facebook. Staying in touch with family and friends is the second most-popular reason to use the internet, with 54.7 percent of 16-64-year aged people. However, at the top of the list is “finding information,” a somewhat ambiguous reason that was cited by 60.2 percent of those who responded. In the world, certain countries are more connected than other countries. It’s surprising that the Philippines is top of the line in terms of internet usage with a total of 10 hours and 23 minutes per day surfing the Internet using any device. It’s nearly twice the amount of time Japanese online users. They remain online for an average of 4 hours and 3 minutes every day, lower than the average worldwide of 6 hours 53 minutes. The users from the United States are above average with 7 hours and 11 minutes of time spent on the internet, but the nation doesn’t even make the top 10 list.

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Countries that spend the longest hours online per day on all devices (from between 16 and 64)

1. The Philippines The Philippines and 23 minutes

2. South Africa: 10 hours and 19 minutes

3. Brazil Nine hours and 56 mins

4. Argentina nine hours, 46 mins

5. Colombia nine hours, 46 mins

6. Malaysia 9 hours and 4 minutes

7. Mexico Eight hours, 56 mins

8. Thailand Time: eight hours and 49 mins

9. United Arab Emirates: 8 hours and 28 mins

10. Indonesia 8.8 hours, 08 mins

Africa has the highest demand for social media

The study found 4.65 billion people using social networks that represents 326 more users than same timeframe in 2021. The users comprise 93.1 percent of all internet users around the globe and 58.7 percent of the total population. Men are the most active on social media (54.2 percent). However, 75.1% of users on social media are older than 13 years old.Internet users spend two hour and 30 min on social media around the world. This is 7 minutes more than last year. In the research Generation Z spends an average of 4.5 hours each day on social media and it is their preferred platform to access news, entertainment shopping, and messaging. Yet again, Japan takes a surprise position in the bottom of the list of countries that spend their most time with social media. Japanese users aged 16 to 64 spend 50 minutes on social media each day, which is less than South Korea (1 hour, 13 minutes) and the Netherlands (1 hour 25 mins). France is 41st, with 1 hour, 46 mins. The USA is 25th , with 2 hours, 17 mins as is The UK is 35th with one hour, 56 mins. The world is all below average. Nigeria tops the list with 4 hours and 49 minutes of time spent on social media each day. Then comes the Philippines.Generation Z — a group of 16-24 year young people — are most addicted to social media particularly women. They are on average about 3 hours, 11 minutes online in contrast to two hours and forty minutes for males. It is no surprise that people aged 55-64 are least interested in social networks. Women spend an hour and 43 minutes on these platforms, in contrast to an hour and 26 minutes for males. No matter what age females are the main users active on social media sites and in terms of time.

Juggling across multiple platforms

Social media is primarily for staying connected with family and friends, with 47.5 percent of people aged between 16 and 24. Additionally, 36.6% use social platforms to fill their spare time. The majority of users 34.8 percent of users use the platforms to read news articles while 31% utilize social networks to look up videos or articles.Noting that social network users are also using these apps to shop: 27.6% look for an idea for activities or purchases or purchases, while 26.6 percent focus on finding items to purchase.Unexpectedly, Facebook remains the most frequently used platform for internet users. It is being followed by YouTube and WhatsApp prior to Instagram, WeChat, TikTok, Messenger and Douyin. Snapchat is only ranked 9th in the rankings, and Twitter isn’t even in the top 10 list.People don’t use just one social media platform. Averagely, 7.4 platform are utilized every month across the world. India is the country in which the largest number of social networks are utilized per user and the average is 8.7 as compared to 3.7 for Japan.If Facebook remains the most-used platform, particularly due to its massive number of users 16.6 percent of 16-24 year aged people say they favor WhatsApp to Facebook as well as Instagram (14.9 percent). TikTok is favored by just 4.6 percent of users, ahead of Twitter (3.2 percent). Discord is the third platform, and Snapchat is, surprisingly, the second however it is the second with just 1.3 percent of users.WhatsApp is the preferred app for those aged 55-64 (20.9 percent), Facebook is more popular with 35-44 year olds (16.5 percent) however Instagram has a higher popularity with younger generations -it is a 24.2 percent among those aged 16-24 and 18 percent among those 25-34 years old.Each platform is utilized for various purposes. Facebook is the most popular platform to communicate with family and friends with 71.1 percent. People use TikTok (77.4 percent) along with Reddit (37.8 percent) for fun and find engaging content. It’s not surprising that Instagram (69.9 percent) as well as Snapchat (40.3 percent) are the most popular platforms to share pictures and videos.

The amount of time spent on social networks per day, based on the country (ages 16-64)

1. Nigeria 48 hours mins

2. Philippines 4 hours and 01 minute

3. South Africa: 3 hours and 56 minutes

4. Brazil three hours, 47 mins

5. Colombia three hours, 41 mins

6. Ghana Three hours and 32 mins

7. Mexico Three hours, 26 mins

8. Kenya Three hours and twenty-five mins

9. Argentina three hours, 32 mins

10. Indonesia Three hours and 19 minsBy Sabrina Alili

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