The fashion start-up aimed at Gen Z with sustainable designs

LONDON, England – Bright new fashion startup Bee & Alpaca are challenging stereotypes about sustainable fashion with their affordable, fun and distinctive collections made from fashion’s trash.

With a selection of accessories and women’s clothing, Bee & Alpaca aim to attract eco-conscious buyers with their limited collection of items that have been that are made up of scraps of offcuts, trashed and unwanted materials – commonly called ‘deadstock’ and turn it into classic casual wear.

Contrary to the notion that deadstock is small pieces of fabric that are discarded on factories’ floors, a report from the year 2020 suggests that this amount is around $120 billion in unutilized products across all industries. Enter Bee & Alpaca, which is aiming to capitalize on the environmental problem and make it an opportunity for sustainable fashion. Their process begins with sorting through deadstock, surplus and waste stock left over by other fashion houses and then selecting the fabrics they believe can be salvaged before it’s sold to scrappers, despite any imperfections, limited quantities or other problems.

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“Fashion produces a massive quantity of waste fabric due to many different motives, most of them minor. A color defect or a slightly misprinted image on the garment is not acceptable to larger brands, however we can see the value and the potential in places that others do not. We concentrate on selecting the top fabrics and then imagining inventive ways to revive them making smaller batches with less waste. The largest batch we have ever made was just 100 or so pieces .”

They are now gradually expanding into market in the US market. The goal is to eradicate the waste that is generated in the world of fashion, by diverting as much of the material that goes to garbage as they can, while not ignoring the hypocrisies and potential issues of deadstock and the way they walk the line.

Sustainability is an important aspect for the brand due to the increasing interest and awareness from consumers. Research suggests 60 percent of the young would like to see fashion become more sustainable and ethical and transparency is top on their list of priorities. Bee & Alpaca has committed to be as transparent as it can to its customers, inviting them to find out more about its commitment to sustainability and to engage in a lively discussion on the things we can do to improve the environmental condition.

“The fashion industry is plagued by hundreds of sustainability-related issues, from water pollution to workers rights. There is no one brand that can address all of them simultaneously however, we can all take part in. In transforming fashion’s trash into upcycled clothes We’re solving a problem and creating something beautiful at simultaneously”

Deniz, Co-Founder, Bee & Alpaca

Despite Bee & Alpaca’s enthusiasm for their cause, they realize that they aren’t able to fix the problems of fast fashion Their objective is to keep the most fabric from to landfill as much as is possible and strive for sustainability in all aspects of their business. In addition to committing to net zero carbon emissions the company’s efforts to be sustainable extend across their supply chain and design process, as well as packaging and order processing.

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