The Good Glamm Group’s huge plans for the mom-and-baby segment

One year after it acquired BabyChakra and Beauty and personal care huge the Good Glamm Group is expanding its focus to the mom-and-baby sector. The baby care market is several traditional players such as Johnson & Johnson and Himalaya and the D2C (direct-to-consumer) companies like Mamaearth.

In May of this year, BabyChakra forayed into the D2C market with the introduction of its own personal-care line for infants. “Everything requires a little set-up time…growth is expected to be rapid over the next few months.” Naiyya Saggi, Co-founder, Good Glamm Group and the founder of BabyChakra shares Business Headers..

In the year 2014 BabyChakra was initially a website for parents. In March it bought TinyStep, a local parenting platform. “The goal of BabyChakra is to become an brand worth Rs 100 crore by March 2023.” Naiyya says.

The data from Tracxn indicates that BabyChakra had a profit of around 1.5 billion at the close of FY21.

In October 2021 The Good Glamm Group bought The Moms Co., an infant and mom startup that specializes in products that are free of toxins for personal care.

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Moms Co Moms Co generated a revenue of the equivalent of 46.8 millionat the close of FY21. It is believed that the Good Glamm Group hopes its recent acquisitions will enable it to become an online store that caters to the needs of moms and babies in all price ranges and categories.

“We know there are many synergies that could be unlocked…We have partnered on the type of complementary strengths we can offer to the businesses of each other. It’s not sensible to compete with each other’s products,” says Naiyya, when asked about the integration strategies in conjunction with The Moms Co.

Baby’s day off

What is the reason The Good Glamm Group betting heavily on products for baby care?

For a while, until a couple of years in the past, the parent segment was a distant thought for many companies that were geared towards the new age. But the increase the influencers on social media, as well as “new educated internet consumers” have altered the dynamic.

The Indian market for baby care was estimated at around $10 billion in 2021. The market is predicted to expand at a compounded annual of (CAGR) of more than 17% to close to $40 billion in 2029, according to Data Bridge. The data suggests that the key areas of the infant care market that include toiletries, toys, and diapers are increasing by 13-14% per year.

The new age D2C businesses like Mamaearth, WOW Skin Science and The Moms Co are cashing on this trend.

“Mom and baby” was a niche that was not well-served up until three years ago. Today, we have more discerning and conscious consumers seeking out quality brands. The influencers market is driving this segment. Brands and products have evolved to appeal to those who want sustainability to be a an integral part of their lives,” says Surbhi Bhatia the CEO and Founder The Mom Store. The Mom Store, a mother-and-baby-shop.

Mom Store Mom Store recently began offering baby-specific products to help them look after themselves on its website. It has already seen an increase of 50-60% in the category.

Innovation is yet another factor that businesses in this sector are placing their bets on. In a previous conversation with Business Headers Daily Dispatch, Varun Alagh, Co-Founder and CEO, Mamaearth, a leading participant of the Mom & Baby segment, spoke about the key growth drivers for Mamaearth. “We are very cautious about QC and quality as well as about our products being able to deliver the goods they’re supposed to provide.. This is one of the pillars which has enabled us to increase our growth rate. Innovation has been an important factor in our becoming an influential brand and connecting better with the consumer,” he added.

The case for BabyChakra as well as The Moms Co, the use of shared resources for functions such as marketing, distribution, and product development can help to accelerate growth. BabyChakra already sees the advantages of sharing resources being realized.

“We’re using the shared resources of the group to distribute them and also to help us get to market. Another major shared resource is marketing. If it weren’t for this resource, “we may not be at the pace we’re at now,” says Naiyya

Without revealing details, Naiyya said that there is a lot of collaboration between brands that fall under the baby and mom segment which could take the form of sharing insights from consumers using social media platforms, and even gift combo kits that mix and match.

The Good Glamm Group recently restructured its business into three divisions: Good Brands Co., Good Media Co. Good Creator Co., and Good Creator Co. Good Creator Co. D2C brands are part of Good Brands Co.

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