The Latest Portrait of American International Travelers

MMGY Travel Intelligence has released new research that suggests international travel will rise among Americans who are wealthy. High-earning Americans anticipate taking 3.8 vacations abroad in the next twelve months.

The 2022 Portrait Of American International Travelers was created in collaboration with the United States Tour Operators Association. Data from over 2,000 respondents was used to calculate the figure. It is significantly higher than pre-pandemic, rising 72 percent from 2.2 in 2019.

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The study also found that an average outbound traveler expects to spend $15,364 for international trips in the next year. This is 16 percent more than pre-pandemic spending expectations.

The research shows that Americans are now more interested in visiting destinations than they were before COVID-19. The top four destinations that U.S. tourists cited as places they would like to visit were Canada, Europe, South Pacific, and the Caribbean. Americans are also interested in exploring less-crowded places and areas that offer plenty to do outdoors.

Millennials (5.7%) plan to travel more internationally than Boomers (1,5) over the next year. Boomers, however, expect to spend twice as much ($7,725 versus $2,564) on each trip. According to the study, travelers are concerned about many things when they travel abroad. However, flight cancellations and delays are the most common concern. There are other concerns, including inflation, COVID-19 and personal safety regarding violence, unrest, and sustainability.

“It is clear that there is an appetite and willingness to travel internationally. But marketers should be aware that the American traveler acts and looks very differently from before COVID-19,” Cees Bosselaar, MMGY Travel Intelligence Europe’s Managing Director, stated in a statement. As international tourism increases, destinations need to continue to be aware of the new challenges and concerns that travelers face during their travels.

Terry Dale, President & Chief Executive Officer of USTOA, stated that this study confirmed that sustainability efforts by a travel service provider and a destination have an impact on travel decisions, primarily among younger generations. Sixty-three per cent of Millennials believe that a travel agency’s emphasis on sustainability has an impact on their travel decision-making.

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