This company is trying to provide to the guest the same thing that VMWare and AWS did to the Host

AWS currently has 70 billion dollars of revenue. So it could be a shock for certain people that the majority of workloads that are running on it use an operating system that’s 30 years old. It is virtually identical to an operating system that’s 50 years old. The operating system was created for physical computers, and not for the virtual machines developers create with Amazon as well as Google Cloud. Of course, we’re speaking about Linux.

It’s logical to assume that in 30 years’ time there would have different opinions on how to run those kinds of workloads. NanoVMs believes that through its many commercial offerings and its most popular open source Nanos Unikernel.

NanoVMs claims to run applications like Go or Rust web servers that are up to 200 percent faster on GCP or up to 300 percent faster on AWS All this without users, passwords or shells, and no remote access or access to any type. The unikernel actually acts as if it were an operating system, running only one program versus another that hackers might wish to run.

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NanoVMs earns revenue from more than 10 different countries and has customers that have been producing for over two years. They developed their advanced R&D using the support of early investors like Initialized Capital, Bloomberg Beta and the renowned cybersecurity investors like Ron Gula from Gula Tech Ventures. They have funds from National Science Foundation, the Department of Energy and the US Air Force.

What market do they have to operate in? The devops market is now $15 billion, and is expected to grow to $30 billion within five years, and cybersecurity will reach $100 billion within the next couple of years. Unikernels are a unique category because their users are clearly experts in devops but they also provide security advantages that you can’t see in the conference rooms or at BlackHat as well as RSA. The ecosystem is very secure. moats too, because at the end of the day, although it’s Linux binary-compatible, it’s an entirely new operating system.

Github is the only one that boasts an 83 million software developer and to make the public aware about its technology NanoVMs is started an equity crowdfunding program that permits ordinary investors to make investments in NanoVMs.

But it is not right to focus on the quantity of engineers working in software. Numerous tech companies are founded using open source software, each with their own unique valuations. It’s MongoDB, ElasticSearch, Redis Labs, Confluent, Databricks The list seems endless. All of it is based using open-source software. And you can guess which operating system the software is running on? That’s right, Linux. Even without changing any code, many of these projects perform faster and safer on an unikernel rather than Linux. If you conduct a quick google search , you’ll discover that there are more than 10 vendors that offer similar to ElasticSearch. The fact that even a single vendor for a single software application could create an uproar begins to describe the magnitude of turmoil this technology will create. The TAM in the market, which is based on existing software that is provisioned as unikernels, is exploding and volatile. All vendors are on a method of building more efficient software and to provide significant value distinction.

Google released a number of research papers which later turned into a book titled “The Datacenter as a Computer A Guide to the design and Construction of Warehouse Scale Equipment”. In the book, Google describes how they manage huge warehouses that are filled with rows upon rows of racks over servers, and consider it a single entity. Unikernels are able to deal with the fact that cloud computing for many businesses is the new operating system even as developers manage hundreds of virtual computers that claim they’re real even though the goal is to run one application.

The new age of virtualization that is finally breaking the chains that have held us back for decades of stagnation within the operating system realm. Unikernels do not just offer greater security and performance for less but they’re breaking through the barriers that software applications were confined to due to their dependence on existing systems and designed by architects and developed before the developers who use the technology were born.

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