Threado Raises $3.1 Mn Seed Funding To Help Businesses Manage Online Communities

The financing round was led through Vertex Ventures Southeast Asia & India, with participation from Gemba Capital, Speciale Invest and PointOne Capital

The round also featured participants from Zomato Chief Executive Officer Deepinder Goyal, Chargebee cofounders Krish Subramanian and Rajaraman Santhanam, Capillary Technologies’ Aneesh Reddy, among other participants.

Threado aids community managers in wading through manual workflows in order to grasp the needs of members and design their outreach

The community managing system Threado is raised $3.1 Million as part of a preliminary capital round which was led by Vertex Ventures Southeast Asia & India and with the participation of other institutional investors, including Gemba Capital, Speciale Invest as well as PointOne Capital.

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The round also featured the participation of more than thirty angel investors comprising Zomato the CEO Deepinder Goyal, Zomato cofounder Pankaj Chadddah Chargebee cofounders Krish Subramanian and Rajaraman Shanthanam, Tracxn cofounder Abhishek Goyal, Capillary Technologies’ Aneesh Reddy and Mettl’s Tonmoy Shingal as well as the former Bain India Director of Marketing Sri Rajan, among others.

Threado will use the money to expand its team as well as accelerate the development of its products. Threado will also utilize the money to increase its presence across North America.

The company was established in 2020 in 2020 by Pramod Rao, a former Zomato employee and Abhishek Nalin. Threado provides a responsive platform for creators and businesses for managing their communities through platforms like Slack, Discord, Discourse, Twitter and GitHub.

The company helps community managers traverse manual workflows in order to identify the needs of members and then plan their outreach accordingly.

The company boasts that it has more than 1 million members in 200 community sites. More than 59,000 messages targeted to members have been delivered through the platform to improve outreach and improve the number of people who join.

The clients of the company include such companies As On Deck, Rocketlane, Glide Apps, Ultrahuman, Scalar Academy, FamPay, among others.

Threado in a blog, announced that it plans to add 10 million companies to its ranks by 2030. It has a current headcount that is 25 people.

The company also stated that the product is in beta and is available to its customers. Threado will launch its product the product Product Hunt on August 2 this year.

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The startup is primarily competing with multinational companies like Hivebrite, Higher Logic, Influitive and many more.



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