What is Data Science?

Data science is the area of applying advanced analytics methodology and scientific principles to extract valuable details from data for business decision-making, strategic planning and other uses.

Data scientists inspect which questions need answering and where to find the linked data. They have business acumen and analytical skills as well as the ability to mine, clean, and present data. Businesses use data scientists to source, manage, and examine large amounts of unstructured data.

Master’s in Data Science

Data Science lies at the convergence of statistical methodology, computational science, and a wide range of application domains.  The program offers strong knowledge construction in statistical modeling, machine learning, optimization, management and analysis of huge data sets, and data acquisition.  The program focuses on topics such as reproducible data examination, collaborative issue solving, visualization and communication, and security and ethical issues that arise in data science.

Earning a master’s in data science can help you achieve a broad skill set that can be applied to a large number of tech-related careers, such as data engineering, data architecture, or computer programming. As a student in this advanced degree program, you can look forward to diving into essential concepts in the following domains:

  • Applied Statistics
  • Database Systems and Data Preparation
  • Practical Machine Learning
  • You will also learn how to use programming languages like Python, R, and SQL.

Top 5 jobs in data science

Data Analyst

Preferred qualifications: Entry-level vacancies in this area require a minimum of a bachelor’s degree. You should show aptitude in mathematics and logical ability. Usually, those experienced in programming—with skills in SQL, Python, Oracle, etc.—are given preference by hiring managers.

Role: Data analysts convert and manipulate huge data sets. They also assist higher-level executives in gleaning insights from their analytics. Analysts should have ample knowledge of A/B testing and tracking web analytics. It has always been one of the most preferred data science jobs in India, and dealing with money – yours and others – is the stuff of dreams.


The average data analyst salary in India is ₹4,19,465 per annum.

 Data Scientist

Preferred qualifications: A master’s degree or higher qualifications such as Ph.D. are favorable for the designation of a data scientist. Sometimes, companies seek sector specialists to fill high-responsibility positions. Hands-on experience is important for data scientist roles, apart from having a good background in IT, CS, math, and other such disciplines.

Role: It is a more technical position than a data analyst. Data scientists may perform data analysis tasks that allow companies to take strategic decisions. They handle huge datasets and uncover important patterns and trends in the data.


The average data scientist salary in India is ₹6,98,413.

Machine Learning Engineer

Preferred qualifications: Machine learning engineers are expected to have professional statistical and programming skills. Software engineers with enough ML experience are favored for such roles. You can brush theoretical topics with online courses and infer practical experience by working on projects. Many online certifications with integrated industry mentoring are also available in the market.

Role: As a machine learning engineer, you are responsible for managing data funnels and delivering software answers. Additionally, your job would also consist of running tests and experiments to examine the system’s functionality and performance.


The average machine learning engineer’s salary in India is ₹6,91,892.

Machine Learning Scientist

Preferred qualifications: Job postings for this role list the favorable profile as “someone with an engineering degree with appropriate postgraduate studies and intensive proven research experience.”

Role: As an ML scientist, you are tasked with researching new methodologies, such as algorithms, and supervised and unsupervised learning techniques. Organizations hire these professionals in vacancies with job titles like Research Scientist or Research Engineer.

 Applications Architect

Preferred qualifications: To qualify for a vacancy for applications architect, you would normally need a computer science degree, along with industry certifications in programming and architectural design. The excessive & growing demand makes application architects land one of the highest salary data science jobs in India

Role: These practitioners track applications, supervising how they are working within the company and how users are interacting with them. As the job title suggests, their job is to create the architecture of applications, replete with components like the user interface and app infrastructure. In addition to being one of the highest-paid data science jobs in India, this is also a fast-paced one. 

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The job industry after a master’s in data science is huge. You get to work with statistics, machine learning, analytics, data architecture & engineering, and a lot more stuff. Not only that, the pay in these kinds of jobs is also extremely high. With a wide career and nice development opportunities, you get to earn big bucks with a master’s in data science. Start your preparations now by selecting a top university first. 

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