TV news made Central Vista look lovely. Why do we need “Delhi-darshan” every day?

The footage of Central Vista and Bengaluru floods was a huge success. However, the live video of BJP demonstrations that took place in Delhi was very insignificant.

The good the bad and ugly. This title from an Hollywood film basically sums up Indian news on television this week as it has been done on numerous occasions in the past.

The good: A gorgeous promotional video featuring the revamped and renamed “Kartavya Path” across all channels Never has the city of Delhi’s Raisina Hills look lovelier. Keep an eye out for the evening’s inaugural ceremony, which is expected to be quite an spectacle.

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Also , excellent coverage of the negative news that NewsX described as “Blurundated” after the monsoon storm that”flooded Bengaluru ( Times Now). A bit bewildering that networks were more concerned that they were focusing on the Information Technology industry of the city was in the water -“IT City Crumbles” ( CNN News18) New18) instead of the typical middle-class person. We’ll get back to this in a minute.

The negative The bad: Oh, there are so many examples, but let’s kick with the almost non-existent news coverage Bangladesh prime minister Sheikh Hamid’s trip to India Tuesday, as well as the two nations signing an agreement to share water in the last 25 years. Are these the things good neighbors do?

The ugly: Some accounts of the tragic crash which killed industrialist Cyrus Mistry on Sunday. The coverage began on a serious note, with photos and videos of the car that was damaged at the scene of the crash. There was no speculation on the reason for the crash was sporadic since channels focused on Mistry’s personal life and work.

The scandal sank into the’special’ news reports on Monday Eyewitnesses who appeared on India TV claimed that the car was driving at 120-140 km. This suggests reckless driving. But how could he tell?

Then, quite shockingly, ” Jaan nahi tha (there was no life left)” in the rear passengers that were not using seatbelts. Times Now was a bit dark: The incident led to the’smashing’ their shoulders and heads the report claimed.

India Today‘s coverage was among the worst at the time of its morning newscast. its reporter stated that there was a “mystery of why the airbags on the rear seats weren’t opening. Perhaps he should check his own channel, where an expert in auto repair explained that airbags activate only when the seat belts are in use.

Similar to many other media outlets, India Todaytoo showed the bodies being taken out of the vehicle however, it took one step further and showed photos of the two persons who were in the front seatsDr Anahita Pandole being thrown to the ground and their husband Darius Pandole.


Also ugly, but good-hearted, were the fake images of what happens to passengers in the back, with no seat belts in place This CGI human figure that is skeletal, to be thrown forward, and then tossed back, and then slam. It’s quite scary. This is why it’s there however, surely, this video could be a bit less scary? Children are likely to have nightmares after watching the video.

knee-deep cover

The news channels have returned to something they were able to cover well: Bengaluru’s “Torrential rain’ ( Mirror Now). There was continuous coverage of the continuous rainsthe rains were “A very good story for TV channels every year” someone said with aplomb). The terms that describe the effects on the ground tell the tale”Broken Bengaluru Sinking “Urban India Nightmare” ( Mirror Now)”Sinking The Reality of Smart City…

The people interviewed over telephone calls with India Today and Times Now and tiredly reminded us that “Monsoon Mayhem” (India Ahead) happens every year and wanted an explanation from government officials. Karnataka chief minister Basavaraj Bommai quickly responded by blamed for the rainfall (what other than that?) and prior Congress government.

To show the extent of the flood, reporters were seated within knee-deep water to experience a live experience of “water water and roads. Images showed schools, temples, even The Vidhan Sabha’ ( Times Now) that was flooded — as well as the posh villas such as the ‘Wealthy Clamber Onto Boats as well as “Techies on Tractors that were able to get to dry ground ).

Channels have repeatedly shown the dire state of the badly overflowed IT industry. If this is indeed the situation of the “Back Office of the World what happens to slum-dwellers asked India Today. I can’t recall if that any of the channels showed the slums. ….

TV can’t get over BJP-AAP

There’s too much ongoing media coverage of the Bharatiya Jata Party-Aam Aadmi party fight over the alleged fraud in Delhi’s excise law.

This isn’t just boring, it’s boring television is also a problem.

The BJP video of a’sting’ an individual who, according to the BJP, has the name of the father of the liquor merchant that was identified as a suspect by CBI Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) and who was allegedly adamant that there were kickbacks for members of the AAP (phew!) The video was unclear that it could not provide evidence of any evidence. However, news channels broadcast it during the majority of Monday, and particularly Republic TV.

Live footage from Tuesday’s BJP demonstrators in Delhi regarding the ‘cam”scam” was pretty useless -protests are happening across India each day What’s unique in this particular one? Perhaps it’s because these protests took place in Delhi and thus required special treatment? We’ve all heard of Doordarshan, but why do we need every day Delhidarshan? darshan?

Other issues that caught the attention of news outlets included Bihar chief minister Nitish Kumar’s visit to the opposition leaders of the party in Delhi as well as the Congress”Bharat Jodo Yatra that began on Wednesday. The Timesput it in a rather succinct manner”Rahul leads the Bharat Jodo, Nitish Vipaksh Jodo’.

The celebration was greeted with a lot of cheers and flag-raising as Rahul Gandhi as well as his group of leaders embarked on their trip through 12 states. Television news channels, with a smile asked whether the journey was meant to unite the nation or his’splintering group.

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