Warner Music hires a new boss to replace an old foe: YouTube

Warner Music Group is the smallest of three major music conglomerates. It has appointed Robert Kyncl as its next chief executive. He was previously the chief business officer at YouTube.

YouTube has appointed a new chief executive at Warner Music Group, the record company behind Led Zeppelin, Lizzo, and Dua Lipa. Warner Music Group is the smallest of three major music conglomerates. It has appointed Robert Kyncl as its next chief executive. He took office Jan. 1. The announcement was made Tuesday. This confirms speculation that has been swirling around the music industry for weeks. Stephen Cooper has been leading Warner Music since 2011, where he managed labels like Nonesuch, Warner Records, and Atlantic. He also ran Warner Chappell, the music publisher.

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The job of managing one of the major music companies is often seen as a game. Long-standing music executives and talent wranglers are usually considered the most likely candidates. Warner and its board, Len Blavatnik, a British-born American billionaire and Ukrainian-born American, chose Kyncl. They looked at the intersection of entertainment, tech, and Kyncl (52), has been a key player in this area for many years. As YouTube’s top business executive, he helped make it a major entertainment platform. He was previously a seven-year veteran of Netflix, where he focused on content partnerships.

Cooper, who announced his intention to leave the company last June, joined Warner from further afield. He was known for being a corporate turnaround expert and working to revitalize troubled businesses like MGM and Krispy Kreme.

Access Industries, Blavatnik’s company, had just purchased Warner for $3.3 billion when Cooper took control. After being disrupted online by file-sharing and shift to online downloading sales, the music industry was still seen as in terminal decline. After going public two-years ago, Warner now has a market capitalization in excess of $13 billion.

The next stage in the evolution of music industry may be social media platforms like TikTok or gaming platforms like Fortnite. These outlets are huge but not fully regulated. Kyncl expressed his interest in these areas in a statement.

Kyncl stated that “We are just at the beginning” of music’s true power and value. WMG and Steve’s team are well-positioned to serve artists and songwriters in the future, and their fans, thanks to Steve.

YouTube has transformed itself from being the biggest enemy of the music industry, loved by artists and fans for its reach and ease-of-use but criticised for low payouts, to becoming one of its most valuable partners.

YouTube announced last week that it had paid $6 Billion to the music industry in the 12 months ended June 2022. This is an increase of $4 billion from the previous year. Lyor Cohen was the author of the blog post. He is a long-standing music executive who quit Warner Music to become the global head for music at YouTube in 2016. YouTube Music is a streaming service that YouTube offers in addition to its video platform. It competes with Apple Music and Spotify.

The Warner Music Group, whose roots can be traced back to the Warner Bros. movie studio in 1950, was seen as the most prestigious record label for much of the 1970s through ’80s and ’90s. It had executives who were supportive and close to artists like Fleetwood Mac, Prince, and R.E.M. Mo Ostin, who was the revered head for Warner Bros. labels during much of that time, passed away last month at 95. Cooper, who has been at the helm of Warner Music Group for 11 years, is the longest-serving chief operating officer. This corporate umbrella covers all Warner Music labels.

Warner was displaced as market leader after a period of corporate turmoil in the mid-1990s. According to Music & Copyright estimates, Warner’s share of the global record-music industry in 2021 was 17%. This was just behind Sony (22%), and Universal (32%). The reach of these companies is actually much greater, as each has its own distribution channels that distribute music to independent labels.

Both Lucian Grainge and Rob Stringer are the top executives at Warner Music Group. Rob Stringer is chief executive of Sony Music Entertainment.

Warner announced that Cooper and Kyncl will be co-chief executives starting in January. Kyncl, who will be the sole chief executive, will replace Cooper’s place on the company’s Board of Directors.

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