why the Royals wear pearls in times of mourning

Queen Elizabeth II, the late queen, was often seen with pearl strands on her neck and earlobes. According to royal protocol, women are expected to wear pearls during mourning.
At the Buckingum Palace lunch, Princess Of Wales Kate Middleton, wearing a long, three-strand pearl necklace made by the Queen, paid tribute to the Queen.

Throughout the mourning period, Megan Markle and other royal ladies wore pearls. Beautiful pearl earrings were worn by the Duchess of Sussex. The Queen Consort was also seen wearing pearls on different occasions after the death of Queen Elizabeth II.Two strand pearls were worn by the Queen with every outfit, and her pearl necklace was seldom seen.

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Symbol of grief
Because pearls are considered to be a symbol of sorrow, royals make them a prominent choice for mourning jewellery. This tradition goes back to Queen Victoria’s time.
After Prince Albert’s death in 1861, Queen Victoria wore black for 40 consecutive years. Her black outfit would be complemented by pearls or colourless jewellery. Victoria wore pearls for her entire life, even though they were symbolic of tears in the 19th century.

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