World’s newest transgender model

At only 10-years-old, Noella McMaher is believed to be the youngest transgender model ever to show off on the runway of New York Fashion Week in both September and February.
“It’s cool to have that title,” said the fashion-conscious woman from Chicago. “It shows that I actually am like showing other – showing other people and kids that being transgender isn’t bad.”

The month of February was when Noella took part in Runway 7 show for the Trans Clothing Company. On Saturday she was the first to open and then ended the show for Renacio.

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“It is fun and enjoyable to try something different since I normally take a more fashionable power walks. … This time, I was able to share a story with you,” said the model.

The parents of Noella, Dee and Ray McMaher are convinced that it is their responsibility to help her achieve her goals including acting as an advocate for trans children.

“The fact that she has this want to be an activist and be visible for other trans kids, we know is just so important in a world that especially right now in our current political climate, that has so many things that are working against her – kids like her,” explained DeeNoella revealed to her parents at the age of two when she turned 2, and they’ve been supportive of her progress.
With her advocacy, she would like people to realize that trans children are not different from other children.”We were born in the incorrect body, in a way. We discovered the wrong body, and we then changed genders.”She’s not sure of what she’d like to be when she’s older Her short-term goals include taking part in the runway show at Paris Fashion Week.

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